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Sep 8, 1964 (Age: 54)
St Paul, MN

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Audio Pinhead, 54, from St Paul, MN

Here's a nice description of the process I like to use. http://www.oakwoodveneer.com/tips/ironon.html Nov 27, 2015

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Mar 20, 2019 at 9:02 PM
    1. maddmaxxdrum
      Hi, I have a question pertaining an old thread of yours... it's about the Dynaco FM-sensitivity/selectivity mod part number...
      I've found a similar crystal capacitor with the writing E10.7S and has a red dot on left side... the one in your pics has a red dot on left side and white on right side...
      I can't read the writing from your pic so I was wondering if you can remember, Thanx.
      1. ejfud
        No clue. I'll see if I can find the directions.
        Feb 14, 2017
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      2. maddmaxxdrum
        Hi I guess u didn't find the part identification for the fm-3 selectivity/sensitivity
        Im still searching
        Info is no where to be found online.
        It looks like a 10.7 crystal capacitor but I want to be sure of the specs before I install

        Feb 27, 2017
    2. sanpt7777
      I saw your Saba Greencone build. I have an old Saba radio and I can pull the speakers from it.

      Would you mind me copying the design for non commercial purposes?

      I'm just looking for clear accurate sounding speakers. I go from hip hop and metal, classic rock and house to acoustic live music recordings. If these don't feel the lower end too well I can add a sub

      Thanks a lot in advance!
      1. ejfud
        Not my design, but you should be fine using it for personal use. As far as clear and accurate, well that probably would not be the green cones strength honestly. Bass is very limited, the tweeter is, well an old cone tweeter. not great. Combined in these cabinets it's a very nice presentation to my ears. Don't know why, but they just hit a sweet spot for me.
        Dec 17, 2015
      2. ejfud
        Musically they are best suited to jazz and vocals. Bass heavy material gets muddy quickly.
        Dec 17, 2015
    3. ejfud
    4. bgray43050
      Saw some of your cool veneer work here. Question...are you typically building the substrates from scratch, or are you using the existing cabinets and veneering over them? If so, how do you remove the old veneer? Thanks in advance!
      1. ejfud
        Usually go right over the old veneer. You need to clean it will, and scuff it up so the glue has something to grab hold of. If the veneer is chipped you'll need to fill the area and sand it to the correct shape.

        With veneering, the better then surface you are gluing too, the better the veneer job will be.

        Thanks for the kind words.
        Nov 25, 2015
      2. bgray43050
        Excellent! If you don't mind one more question, what adhesive are you typically using?
        Nov 26, 2015
    5. bustedguild
      Consider me enticed...
    6. mrwood200
      Hi - I saw an old post where you referenced your Roberts 1725 r2r. Did you do something with this amp? do you have a service manual/schematic? I have a donor 1725 & I would like to make a stand-alone amp. Thanks for any help, Tom
    7. jhaan92
      The pics are up!
    8. steveatwork
      Hi Gary - new member to Audiokarma - but have read some of your threads - particularly as it relates to Tannoy 3LZ speakers and Cornetta cabinets (not Japanese version)
      Am looking for construction plans - any ideas or help would be appreciated - Many thanks for your time and expertise

      Steve at work
    9. mnmatt
      Hi Gary,

      I am new to Audiokarma, and noticed your excellent work on a CR-2020. I also noticed that you limit your work to locals. Hopefully this is a great coincidence, because I live in Minneapolis (I think you are in St. Paul) and just took possession of a CR-2020 in dire need of a new veneer. Would you be willing to consider the project?


      Matt Koropchak
    10. cydest
      Hi gary, I've seen the nice work you did for an Eico HF81. Would it be possible to built a cabinet for my Eico? Let me know, cy
    11. tcaster
      Hi,I have a pair of Karlson K15s with P Audio BM15CXA coaxials in them.My plan (due to space considerations for one thing) is to bypass the tweeter in the P Audios and sit an Audax PR170MO 6.5" in a sealed cab on top with a Heil AMT-1 on that and use a 3 way active crossover.
      I see you have Karlsons and was wondering what you thought of my scheme.Do you think the bass will be okay with those 101db woofers?Where would you crossover etc?
    12. DENNYDOG
      Gary, I was reading through my messages again and I can't believe I missed the part about you letting me take something home to try out. :) Maybe we could find something that would work well with my 500c.

      My latest cd has been Ray Charles duets genius loves company. Very nice.
    13. ejfud
      I have the rest of the walnut from the Jordan project which I'll probably use. Unless of course I take a chunk of Jeff's rosewood......
    14. MAXZ28
      Back at'cha, Gary! I wanna see pics of the Yammie reskinned....know what you're gonna use?
    15. ejfud
      Thanks Denny it was real nice to meet you to.

      Next time you're this way stop by for a better listen to my madness. I'm sure we could find something you could take home for an audition.
    16. DENNYDOG
      It was very nice meeting you Gary. I wish I had your talent in woodworking and speaker building skills.

    17. ejfud
      Oh believe me, he's more than touched in the head!
    18. Drybasement
      Hi Gary. I'm honored you considered me a friend. I hope that SX-780 is working good for you. Nevermind Ron though, he's touched in the head. ;)

    19. doucanoe
      Hi Gary! Will you be my friend? Everyone else has told me to F off :)
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