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    1. bzalto
      A friend of mine who is a quadriplegic wishes to sell his 698, but unfortunately the end of the tone arm is damaged. Can it be repaired or replaced with something of comparable quality? I doubt if I can sell it for him and get him a very good price for it as is. It only needs a belt and repair or replacement of the tone arm. No way to attach pics here. Thanks, John
    2. Scarberian
      I'm looking at a ebay 598III and wonder do you have suggestions I can give to the seller about packing it.
    3. perpippity
    4. perpippity

      In doing research on what turntable to get, I found your post about Empires so informative and enjoyable that I decided to get an Empire, and did, a 598. So, first, my sincere thanks for your help!

    5. Milly225
      Hello, I really enjoyed your thorough examination of the empire tt family. I recently acquired an Empire 598 with the 990 tonearm and dust cover at a flea market here in Chicago. I had no idea what I was buying and no cell reception, but at 40$ I couldn't pass the tt up even if it would only serve as a decorative piece. Long story short, it is missing the tonearm audio cable (5 pin male). What a pain. Lots of searching and I really haven't turned up any good options. I would love your thoughts on sourcing something that will do the job--new or old. I'm a patient guy so if I have to wait till I come across a cb radio I can dismantle so be it, but I thought I'd check with you first. I hope this message finds you well.


    6. thejumpcat
      I was surfing for information on an Empire turntable and came across your great historical piece.
      I am 55 and have not owned a turntable / stereo in many, many years. My mother-in-law just told me she has an old receiver (Marantz 2238B) that I am welcome to, so now I am looking for a record player.
      I was searching through my local Craigslist this morning and came across this: (http://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Turntables/Empire/Troubadour-598-III/classic-turntable/124314).
      Owner thinks she has the dustcover and is going to try and find it.
      Can you tell me what I'll need for a cartridge/needle? Are there commo problems with these turntables that I should look for when I go and check it out? Is $400 a fair price for this model?
      I began searching the web and found another: (http://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Turntables/Empire/Troubadour-598-III/classic-turntable/124314#email_
      Thank you for any info you can offer!
      Cal Stone
    7. Jude76
      I was needing to in if anyone would be able to help me get an appraisal info and history on my turntable. I was told it was a 1920s. It is phonograph am/fm magnvox electric. Looks good no rips nor scratches.
    8. planerguy
      Copy of VE message:
      Hi - I getting ready to post a rather magnificent Empire 308, with jelco arm on eBay, and wanted to see if you would permit me to either quote some of your Empire history, or refer them to either your AudioKarma posts, or this one? It seems there is little else posted anywhere of note on this iconic American manufactorer.

      Hopefully you'll see this message and let me know fairly soon. I'll also send via AK.

      Best Wishes, Kevin
    9. planerguy
      Hi - as you seem to be the one most familiar with Empire tables; I will pester you with a few questions, if I may? I recently acquired a Mint Empire 698. MINT! The bad - the low bass rumble is atrocious. I just ordered new motor mounts from Esoteric. I was told the belt was new, and it looks to be, and the speed was very close too. But that rumble! I went ahead and pulled the old mounts, and the screw that goes through the bushings is captured on the end with a small aluminum collar that's been squeezed to prevent it from moving or falling off. Is that supposed to be there? To mount the new bushings, I'll have to force those off. If they are not stock, perhaps I should leave them off? Also how tight should I screw the grommets down? Is there a rule of thumb, or just play with them for lowest rumble?
      Any suggestions, tips, tricks would be welcome! Thanks, and thank you for your very informative Empire history as well.
    10. RedneckCuban
      Empirelvr, I came across your thread while researching Empire turntables & based on your info I bought a 598 III. Was close to buying a like new 698, but after reading your thoughts on it decided to with the 598. It was supposed to be in excellent condition, but I would rate it very good. The dust cover came loose during shipping, but is ok. My problem is I cannot get the cueing to work properly. I see the pad that is attached to the tone arm, I see the screw that goes up & down. But when I add a gram of weight, the tone arm sits below the platter. I have read various threads on the cueing woes, but cannot figure out how to fix my problem. I hope I am bot bothering you sir, but I would appreciate ANY help you might be able to give me. If I cannot fix it, I will be forced to return it to the seller. I would like to keep it. Thanks. Carlos.
    11. updyke
      Empirelvr, I am in NC and just purchased an Empire 698. Where are you in VA? Bruce
    12. newhavenr
      I happened upon your post about the history of the Empire turntable when looking to see what the value of my Empire 9000 speakers might be. It was wonderful to read that history because my father, Herbert Horowitz, started and built Empire from nothing (he was the first employee), and I worked there myself on and off in sales, customer service, and engineering when a student. My dad was an engineer, and created many of the basic designs for the products himself on our kitchen table.

      I would like to offer my services of my memories, such as it is, to fill in any blanks. I won't know as much about the model specs as you do, but I did know the people involved, some of the politics, etc. At least from 1958 when he started, until 1974 when my dad got sick and was pushed out.

      Bill Horowitz
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