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    1. moebuster
      25 shipped to 35613?
      1. Fairlane
        Moe, sorry I have been busy today until now. Let me see what it will cost on Monday but we can probably work that out.
        Oct 24, 2015
    2. Rod Beauvex
      Rod Beauvex
      Did you see the schematic I posted in your Pioneer thread?
    3. Fairlane

      Thanks for the kind words and Happy New Year! I have had several of the 7100's recently and the tuning sections worked fine, sorry yours is not. I would guess there is another relay that pulls in to operate the tuner function is not working.
      Without the schematic I would take the cover off and look at the other relays and carefully with the unit powered on feel with your finger or a wooden stick to see which one it is by the clicking sound etc. Something is not staying in contact would be my guess and go from there.

      Wish I could tell you, "oh yeah do this or clean that" but I do not unfortunately.

      It would bug me too if the tuner was not working :) I sold both of them off recently and regret not keeping one of them, they are a great receiver.

      Trouble shooting anything boils down to localize, isolate, repair. Sometimes you have to have things looked at by a pro.

      Good luck with your 7100, they are a nice unit and worth fixing if you like the radio.
    4. DurhamSud
      Hello Fairlane,

      I appreciated your post last year regarding cleaning your NAD 7100 speaker relay contacts and it seemed to me that you knew a thing or two about the amp. I also have a NAD 7100. I bought it around 1990 and like it very much.

      The reason I am writing you is about a year ago, for some reason, the tuner section stopped functioning. When I hit the AM or FM button the light goes on for half a second and then goes off. No sound. Nothing. The rest of the amp works perfectly.

      I am not experienced with electronics but I know how to solder, I can check and change a fuse, and I can clean. If you have any idea what I can do to troubleshoot I would really appreciate it. I would really love to get that tuner back working!

      Thanks in advance for any input you might have


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    West San Jose CA
    Chief Stationary Engineer
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