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    1. Hitachiht550
      Falstaff, I understand about online sellers ratings. They "visually grade" the records and do not listen to them. I will check our record store here for you. I know that they have a pretty big 12 inch Gleason selection. I will let you know what I find if anything. The hardest Jackie Gleason to find for me was Lonesome Echo with the Dahli cover. I would find part 2 but never found part 1 or it was always the 12 inch and not the 10. Then I found both online as a set and the guy did good job on the rating.

      I read a funny article about Jackie Gleason conducting and producing these records. The musician was asked what did JG bring to the table and the musician replied. "what did Jackie bring? Jackie brought the checks!"
    2. Falstaff
      Analog lover. Pioneer SX550, JVC RK-22, Pioneer CT-F755, JVC KD-V400, Pioneer PL-115D, Technics SL1200mkII, Denon DVD1210
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    The answer is 42.
    Pioneer SX550, JVC RK-22, JVC KD-V400, Technics SL1200mkII, Denon DVD1210 through H.H, Scott S17s, Design Acoustic D1s and a Yamaha powered Subwoofer.