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Jul 14, 2003
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Dec 30, 1948 (Age: 70)
Out West.

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Regular Dude - Super Mod, Male, 70, from Out West.

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Mar 19, 2019 at 10:53 PM
    1. Lossless
      Hi fisherdude. I recently went to the Great Lakes and caught a 46 pound RS-Z1. This is the one that did not get away!
    2. 1959magnavox
      Hi fisherdude
      I just bought a Fisher Lincoln model 70. I had read you have a copy of the service manual to it
      Would it be possible to get a copy of it from you?
      1. Fisherdude
        I haven't dug into my "archives" since I moved five years ago. Let me see if I can find it.
        Apr 1, 2018
    3. philips fx82
      philips fx82
      Hi, I have a thread here on Fisher 111k speakers. Could you look at the post and give me your opinion. I currently have some fisher xp66b speakers and they sound great. Are the 111k speakers the "ultimate" of Fisher speakers or just marginally better than what I have.
    4. dhanson64
      Hi hope your doing well, just wondering if you know why my posted pictures of all the dlk 4 an other dlk model are not restored yet in my DLK MODEL 4 thread. It seams that the glitch that caused a lot of the photos to not port over to the new site after the changes where has been fixed. I'm seeing lots of old pics restored back into a lot of old threads. Please help to get my pictures restored if you can. Thanks
      1. Fisherdude
        Sorry I missed this when you posted it!

        Us "regular" mods don't have access to the data from before the change to the new software. I'm not sure why your DLK pics haven't been restored, but Ernie will probably know. Send a pm to luvvinvinyl with your question, and he should answer it pretty quickly.
        Apr 17, 2017
    5. BigOSpeaky
      would it still be breaking the rules if I post a craigslist link and mention to click the link ?
    6. zebra03
      Thanks for the explanation .
    7. Gooshe
    8. monainbend
      I am new, just read the rules about questions regarding value. I don't want to break the rules, but I have a question regarding worth of a vintage product. It was my father's (he is 90) and I told him that I would sell it for him;I do sell some stuff on eBay-for fun as a hobby, and my interests are vintage ceramics,glass. This is totally out of my league. My dad was a radio operator in WWII, & this item was his pride and joy. In addition to the worth of the item, I really would like to know about it as well.I am just not sure if I am aloud to ask it's worth, and I'm afraid to even say what it is without seeing if it is ok with you (the moderator.) I do know, in doing a bit of eBay scanning that it might be quite valuable, however, I have no idea because honestly I can't find the exact combination of this product out there. Sorry for being cryptic, but as soon as I know it is okay to ask, now that you know my intentions, then I will post all the info that I have.
      Thanks tons- Mona
    9. Jadran
      WoW - 'Completely unwarranted'?!? Calling the whole nation - RATS is fine for you and allowed by the forum rules!? I didn't know that. Always something new to learn here. Outrageous!
    10. The Stone
      The Stone
      Hello Fisherdude,
      I was hoping you could help me, I have a set of XP-10s I am trying to replace the crossover capacitors to improve the high end, I need the spec for the mid range cross over cap because I can't read anything on the cap itself and I can't find the schematic on line. If you know anything, or can advise me please let me know.
      Oh and I'm wondering if you know the values for the lamp on the Fisher 432 reciver, LM21421-6, I think it is a 6.3v but i can't find the amperage, it is a 2112d but many I find on line are 200 mA, too high I think.
      Thank you, Fisherdude,
    11. darksolstice
      sorry wrong mod
    12. darksolstice
      I started a thread in dollars and sense titled Ebay question, it's going sideways and I would like it closed please, thank you
    13. drspiff
      Howdy! Can you move a thread (Troubleshooting a Fisher 700T w/ 1 dead channel) from General Audio Discussion to the Fisher forum. I did not know it was going to get so Fisher specific.

    14. SWL3600
      Thanks Clay!
    15. SWL3600
      Please close the 'members with high post counts' per my request since it has gone sideways far beyond what I intended. It's my fault from the very start for not clearly stating the real idea of the thread.

      Thanks....hope to see you at Robie's!

    16. hearthesound
      Hi. I must be real stupid but how to I create a new post? I want to post a question to the Headphones forum but I don't see a link or icon anywhere to do this?
    17. rustywrench1
      Hi. I'm hoping you can help me find a replacement capacitor. I just cant seem to learn the language of how to identify them beyond the specs printed on them. What I have is a Fisher 400t in great condition but one of the caps (filter cap I believe) is leaking. This is the info on the cap: 2000mfd 55vdc C50180102 10816906 80*c. It has 3 legs, 2 on one end, 1 on the other (dual cap?) which is where I'm having a hard time finding a suitable replacement. Thanks for any help you can offer
    18. specenka
      I am just getting started in this vintage stuff and the main reason is because I've come across some older stuff that was my wife's mothers. One of those things is a pair of Fischer XP 1A's. They sound ok, but not great and really not very good at high volume. Are they worth trying to fix up? I don't even know the specs on them.
    19. SonicDawg
      scratch that last post, sorry. Received reply just now. Thanks!
    20. SonicDawg
      Howdy, I've pm'ed Grumpy and luvinvinyl and no reply. I paid 25 to subscribe but understand I might of done it wrong, any suggestions on getting it squared away?
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    Dec 30, 1948 (Age: 70)
    Out West.
    Long time SWL, now up to my eyeballs in Fisher tube gear.

    Golf, motorcycles, music, and Fisher tube receivers.


    I may be growing older, but I refuse to grow up.
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