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Frankie's Market
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Dec 17, 2018 at 11:49 PM
Oct 10, 2005
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May 21
PNW, Home of the Sounders

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Frankie's Market

AK Member, from PNW, Home of the Sounders

Frankie's Market was last seen:
Dec 17, 2018 at 11:49 PM
    1. Negotiableterms
      Dave's been out-of-pocket a bit. PM him again (use a real PM, I think he ignores VMs), and he should gdt back to you.
    2. Negotiableterms
      Hi Ed. Wayne should contact Grumpy via PM here and Dave will set up whatever they agree on. Thanks very much for thinking of us!
    3. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      I have a S 500 , yup it's one of the Stasis models. IT has been sitting unsed for at least 5 years. I'm betting using a variac is the way to go to fire it up, Any suggestions as to where to start ( 75 volts? ) , and for how long ? Sound like you're in the Seattle area, I'm north up on Whidbey Island. Ed
    4. rcspkramp

      Well I've been at this for 40 years and I remember when those first hit the market and always wanted to investigate. What model is yours? I'm looking for the pure class A models not the Stasis versions. The 400A or the 4000 are what I'm looking for. Doesn't have to work because it will be completely rebuilt.



      P.S. You can call me at 360-718-8300 I'm in the pacific time zone
    5. Todd MacDona
      Todd MacDona
      I have had no real luck with techs in this area. I tried Natural Sound for some turntable repair, and it turned into a real hassle, lots of money, and I don't think they did a very good job.
    6. bartonn
      what did you use for the 1800uf 150v caps? I can find 1800uf 160v but not 150v
    7. bartonn
      would you happen to still have the directions for recaping the cm labs cc-50s?


    8. Negotiableterms
      I think you just did! What's your question? Or if you want more privacy, just click on my user name and select "send private message to...".
    9. Hermann
      Hi Ed - saw your comment on the C/M amps. Would you happen to sell your CC-50S? Please let me know.

    10. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      HI, I was able to get an email addy for him, thanks! Ed
    11. audiodon
      He's come and gone before but he usually makes good on his deals. My two went fine. I think he gets very busy at times.
      I'm away and don't have all my info right now. I'll see if I can find his email for you next week.
    12. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      No I don't have a schematic, but my experience has been that replacing the caps makes a big difference! What problems are you having ? Ed
    13. darko
      Hi Ed, Do You have the Trio W45, (Hamlin's) - Schematic? I would pretty much aprecciate. Thanks, Darko.
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    May 21
    PNW, Home of the Sounders


    In rotation; C/M Labs 80mrm, Lafayette LA-70, Mac 30, Phase Linear 400 Series Two Quad II, more at 11:00