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Keepin' people from hangin' out in front of the dr

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Resident Wharfedaliophool, from CT

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Oct 1, 2016
    1. markkb
      I’ll echo jgannon’s sentiments. Hope all is well. Miss discussing Wharfedales with you!
    2. jgannon
      Where are you GT? Hope all is well with you!! You are missed here on AK. - Best, Gannon
    3. 67 grad
      67 grad
      Cont'd from previous post: Owner wants $100 for the pair. My main concern is whether these would have had foam surrounds which might need replaced - I don't want to get into that. Can you tell, from the serial #s if that might be the case, and what you think of the price . I'd like to drive them with my Scott 340B, pictured in my avatar. Any opinions, info greatly appreciated.
    4. 67 grad
      67 grad
      I'm considering a pair of W60s (I don't think there's any suffix): two-way, ported, S#s 10986 & 10987. One tweeter out - don't know if it might just be the crossover yet. Fairly rough exterior - holes in the grill, I can't remember cabinet condition, but I don't think it's great. (More than 420 characters? Come ON!) Cont'd
    5. Bobfrog
    6. Mcenroe7
      Hi..hope you don't mind the seem to be well versed on the W90. I just acquired a pair and posted a thread on "British audio" last night. When you get a chance, could you please read the thread and look at the pictures? I'm trying to determine what year mine are?
      Thanks! Roger (McEnroe7)
    7. SixCats!
      Hi Gang-Twanger,

      Greetings from SixCats! in (Sagadahoc County) Maine. I stopped in to say "hello" and I'm shocked/surprised to not see here at AK. I hope all is well with you and that you are still enjoying the Wharfedale W90's. I sometime miss them but not MOVING them lol.



      aka Tom Patrick
    8. HTWillie
      Yeah - get in touch when you get back. I owe you.
    9. canuckaudiog
      Heya GT,

      Just wanted to post on your wall so you'll hopefully come back. I am in the process of acquiring a pair of W90s, I finally got a chance to hear a pair.
    10. Scarberian
      They have been re capped but did have the typical elcap electrolytics (25 and 6 uf)
      I think you should write a book on Wharfedale , kind of like a compilation of what remains from after the fire disaster of their lost history.
      In any case, all the best in 2016
    11. Scarberian
      see, and search for w60d posted jan25

      The grills do NOT come off. See the staples inside the box?

      I think the cab is NOT sand filled. What say you?

      I suspect but don't now sure if the mids are blue dust cap but I think I saw blue when shining in a light.

      No clue on the tweets but the image in my advert shows the backs of them inside the cabs.
    12. Scarberian
      Hey GT,

      Brent here in Scarborough. Happy New Year. As AKs most knowledgeable Wharfey fan, I thought you'd like to take a look at a pair of W60D I am selling for a neighbor.
      Not offering mind, (they are practically sold for $200 Canadian) but I wanted to give you the opportunity to look them over, and ask any questions that may occur to you before they are out the door.
    13. Gang-Twanger
      It just can't be a LOWER voltage rating than the existing caps. You could use 2.5 kilovolts if you really wanted, but that would be overkill. The higher-voltage caps just seem to be more-robustly-manufactured. Big ceramic insulators and that sort of thing. I used a 1000VDC oil cap for the mids and a 600VDC one for the tweeters (I was told by someone "in the know" to put the best ones on the midwoofers, so I did, and he's the one who picked out the caps for me anyway... The 600VDC Sangamo caps work beautifully on the Super 3 tweeters).
      1. Progducer
        This is a great price for some vintage 8uf tweeter caps. do you think these would be complimentary to W90 tweets or better to go Russian PIO?
        Nov 18, 2015
    14. Progducer
      The 8uf is 25V, but all of the caps on eBay seem to be more like 8 uf 1000v. Is that ok? the pair of 12uf is 50v each so should i look for a PIO 24uf 100v? Thanks!
    15. Progducer
      There are only 2 caps. Although one of them is a bundle of two ( the blue caps). So what should i look around for on eBay in terms of brands for PIO caps? thanks!
    16. Progducer
      I do indeed play around with the receiver EQ with my vintage speakers. I find my W90s need no help in the bass department. The treble EQ doesnt work great with these W90s. That said, in a month or so these Wharfs will be ran by the tube Scott 222D so I'll have an entirely different experience anyway
    17. Progducer
      part 3:
      Im hoping that de-oxidizing the controls and recapping these will brighten them up a little. I have started listening to My EV Royal 400s more because of the T35 tweeter but I really miss the natural bass sound of the W90s. The 18" woof in the EV is a little too loose for my room.
    18. Progducer
      Part 2:

      I'm not sure if the bass switch effects both woofers, or not. I'll check the crossover more closely and see if I can figure it out. I was surprised that both woofers have the Styrofoam glued to them since the pictures I've seen of other pairs have one standard woofer, and one passive radiator. If the styrofoam is on both, does that mean they are both radiators? I don't think they were assembled in error because the low end on these is my favorite out of all the vintage pairs I own. I haven't cracked into the other speaker yet, I'm very curious if that one has the same dual 12" with the foam glued in.

      I am getting my first tube amp serviced currently. It is a Scott 222D with all telefunken tubes. I know all the tubes tested OK and the tech is moving on to caps right now.
    19. Progducer
      Thanks for the information. I'm going to research replacement capacitors today. I was very reluctant to pry off the wood stops that prevent the mid/tweeter array from sliding out but my curiosity got to me. The 2 side stops were screwed in but the top and bottom stops were nailed in (4 nails each) and i had to pry them off with a hammer/flathead screwdriver. I will be replacing those nails with screws in case I need to get in there in the future. You also have to disconnect the leads going to each woofer for the array to slide out. Since I had opened it, I put a little bit of glue where the paper cones meet the felt on the 2 mids because it was sticking up in places.
    20. Progducer
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