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    1. Jonny Ramone
      Jonny Ramone
      Roy C....Champagne, I presume? Where is he located? Thanks.
      1. GD70
        Yes. He's near Albany N.Y.. A terrific guy.
        Dec 16, 2016
    2. moebuster
      Hey Glen
      Any thoughts on selling the woofers?
      I have ola with steel frame woofers and would be interested
      1. GD70
        Sure. Funny you asked, I was thinking about pulling the drivers and listing them and the grills on BT. The cabs are vinyl clad and crappy and was going to toss them. Grill frames are good, fabric meh. Would you want a package deal perhaps? 100.00 for everything plus shipping?

        Let me test them tonight to confirm they are all working.
        Oct 19, 2015
      2. GD70
        All the drivers are working. I laid them in their backs to test at very low volume.

        Oct 20, 2015
    3. GD70
      Oops, I just re read my comments and the coil is soldered to the mid, not the tweeter.

      Those are some great amps. They are on my and I'm sure many others wish lists. Have they been recapped? Something you may consider because of their age.

      I found that my 3's sounded ok with my Scott LK-72, but are exceptional sounding with my A-X9 amp. They do like power.

      Look forward to your pics.

    4. jpk000
      Thanks for the tips Glenn, I'll snap some photos of the project and post them. I also took home a few Marantz amps and preamps, the models 7 and 8b fired right up and sound amazing even through a small test speaker. I am really looking forward to plugging in the AR3s! The other amp and preamp are solid state and I have yet to test them out.
    5. GD70
      Hi John,

      You're pretty lucky to have these and know their history.
      Regarding the caps, Parts Express will have the caps you'll need. They are non polar film and usually I get Audio grade. The values are on the cap block, so just match the uf values. Higher voltage ratings, usually 250 for the new caps are fine. Most just cut the existing wires and solder in the new caps, leaving the original in place.

      For the last iteration of the AR-3, AR used the 3a mid with a simple crossover mod. It is an added .4mh coil across the mid wires. You can solder each lead to the tweeter wire connector leads. I just had this conversation with our resident AR expert, Roy C.

      I'd be interested to see pics of your 3's, and the replacement mids and tweeters.
      Are the tweeters the original style?

    6. jpk000

      After scouring the internet I found your thread on rehabbing a pair of AR-3s. I've got a pair of 3s that my grandpa gave to me last June while he was trying to clear out his basement storage. They had been sitting in a nice cool and dry spot since my uncle blew out the tweeters and mids in the 80s. He had purchased new tweeters and mids from AR, but never installed them. I believe the replacements were intended for the AR-3a as they have the quick disconnect terminals on the back. I've got the speakers in and the pots cleaned, now I just have to replace the old wax caps. I know you didn't replace the caps on your AR3s, but would you have any recommendations for new caps on these? I've read that polypropylene or mylar caps would be great and long lasting though I know nothing about matching the correct crossover filters. Thoughts? Any advice is much appreciated!

    7. GD70
      Hi Will,

      I believe I bought the surrounds from Speaker Parts on line. I believe they have easy measuring guide lines for the size you'll need. I didn't change the caps as they sound great, but it won't hurt either.
      Parts Express should have the values needed.
    8. WillStardust
      Hi Glen,
      Your PS-10 refoam looks so good I'm considering tackling it myself. I'd be interested to know from whom you ordered the kit. The price I was quoted to farm out the work was 80 to 100$, this doesn't include the crossover upgrade.

    9. Noisypot
      Hey .... I was born in Northern Westchester Co, NY :-) I'll tell you where if you want to shoot me a quick note. Send it to my (I call it) spamMail below:
      aropt at crawler dot com
    10. Curtwheeler
      Hi. Glenn. I was just wondering how you would compair your AR3's to your KLH Fives.
      Also, Have you found a tube amp yet.
    11. ukfan4sure!
      Do you remember if you reversed the polarity on the Q1R tweeters in the LST-2's you restored? One picture you show had the yellow wire to the negative of the tweeter and I'm wondering if that was part of Roy's mod. Thanks!
    12. GD70

      The thread is "Free KLH Six's from original owner".
      Sounds like a great pair to grab! There's been a blond pair on ebay for a while.

      My project was very involved, requiring a complete cabinet restoration.
      Don't be intimated by the older six's. The only bad part is no access to the woofers for resealing the cloth surrounds unless you basically destroy the grills which are also glued to the cabs.

      Anyway, let me know if you have any questions and post pics when you get them.

    13. loaded
      Hey, I've been told by another AK'er that you have a recap method for the early klh model 6's with the fixed (epoxied) woofers. I have a chance to purchase locally some early model 6's in the blonde korina finish. they are in immaculate condition except for the tweeters not working. The seller claims it is due to the caps going bad. I don't want to get them if I have to cut them up. I've been through a lot of your posts trying to find it, but you have a lot of posts! and I get sidetracked easily with all that information. thanks for the help!
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