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    1. bluestime
      You probably already know this but has a list of shows in your area I think you would enjoy. I live on the wrong side of the country but I sure would be attending most of them if I could. I think it's probably your kind or music. Very good prices on their cd's too. BT
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      2. grillebilly
        No idea..thanks for the heads up!
        May 20, 2016
    2. jsjazz
      did you ever find a Kenwood lamp bezel? I am in need of one for a KA-6000.
      1. grillebilly
        Yeah I forgot who it was but he was from Australia....what a guy!
        Dec 13, 2015
    3. aschoenberg
      I have recently acquired (trade and purchase) a TX-4500 and a TX-4500 MKII. I read you post and it seems you are also a fan. I hooked up my Project turntable to both and I am picking a hum up (high volume, record off) on the TX-4500. The only thing I did to these 2 receivers was clean them up a bit and DeOxIt all the pots. Any suggestions on what I can do to diagnose or adjust these two great receivers to get them back into fighting condition.
    4. Rome
      Hi gb!

      Naw, I sure wish I could have owned one back then. Onepixel started a conversation about it. I told him back in the 70s when I was a teenager I would walk to several motorcycle dealers in Tyler, TX.

      Just thought about those times & found the picture.

      One dealer stocked Bultaco & Hodaka bikes. A Rat was one I wanted so bad & a funny looking green one IIRC. Can't remember the name though

      My parents saw me in anguish many days :D, so they bought me a 1970 Honda CD175 in '74. I was in heaven!

      Always loved those two-stroke bikes & the sound they emit, especially the race prepped ones are just awesome.

      Could not wrap my brain around oil mixing at that time.

      I leaned more towards the 4-stroke Hondas, until that Bad*** Kawasaki 900 came out.

      If ever become wealthy enough, I am going to build a race prepped Kawi KZP 1000...

      Good stuff & memories. Thanks for stopping by & glad you were a part of history.

      Don aka Rome
    5. Tonkatoys
      Hi there grillebilly. Saw your post re. the Boston Acoustics A150 surrounds. Maybe you can help. I have a pair that need new surrounds. It's been a while since I researched this but as I recall the A150's I have require the "flanged" foams. The foams are a different or unique geometry. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. John
    6. 66pross
      alchol is nice ,but blown and injected is the only way to go !!!
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