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No Marconi:Gomer MacGyver, from Monkey Junction North Carolina

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Apr 13, 2018
    1. Snashforce
      Sorry for the delay, not around here much.
      One of my Fisher 500s has "High Fidelity Receiver" instead of "Fisher 500" on the dial glass. Not sure what the laboratory standard model is.
    2. Langdog
      i haven't looked at Audiokarma in quite a while so I just got your message about the DA-P10 service manual. I did find one. Let me know if you still need a copy. If so email me at
    3. gyrene
      Cool.Thanks man.
    4. zenith2134
      Yep, I'm using it with my 4000...and it is very nice. That combo sounds more analog than just about any other i've tried. My guess is that the upsampling helps a lot. Also, I read that the DAC was designed by a musician, so I suppose he voices the gear to sound involving & non-fatiguing. Enjoy yours, and let me know if you find any good circuit mod.'s for it.
    5. markthefixer
      the cap specs are pretty much exclusively pioneer. You could try getting service manuals for them from Rick at to see what technical info is available, otherwise go through the units, cataloging every cap, it's values, manufacturer and markings, perhaps segregate the different color caps in the listings.
      Then go with Nichicon UPW's etc for the values and voltages (or post the list like we did, and I'll come up with the nichicon numbers...)
    6. HomeBody
      Good Morning-
      What is your electronics background? Your post regarding the tweak for the Mach Ones proved interesting. I've lulled around w/the idea of starting up a speaker production but with the current economy, who's to say what the success would bring. I studied electronics some twenty years ago and again in the 90's in college-part of a M.E. core requirement....I started college at age 30..
    7. HomeBody
      Good Morning. I enjoy your postings. I'm usually an early bird, as well.
      Best Wishes to You and Yours This Holiday Season.
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