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    1. dd123
      Hey, sorry for the slow response. I forget to check for messages. I haven't solved the weak EMIT question yet, but I haven't given up.

      I learned from a couple of posts that described making a simple jig for safely disassembling an EMIT without damage. In order to keep the two sets of magnets in alignment so they don’t twist and break and damage things when opening the EMIT, I clamped the closed up EMIT to a piece of wood and to the workbench. The clamp leaves enough room for unscrewing the EMIT screws and nailing in nails.

      After the nails were in place, I eased off the pressure on the clamp and let the force of the repelling magnets push the faceplate up along the nails. When I couldn’t feel anymore force, I held the faceplate with one hand and removed the clamp with the other. Do the opposite for reassembly. Almost fool-proof!

      Hope this helps. Send me your e-mail address if you want pictures of my disassembly.

      Good luck,
    2. dd123
      Hi. Hope you don't mind a question. I noticed you have Infinity Qa and Qb and I'm wondering if you have ever done any repairs on the ribbon tweeters? One of my Qa tweeters is weak -- doesn't play as loud as the other -- and I'm looking for suggestions about what it might be. I opened both tweeters and swapped the mylar membranes between the two and that didn't change which tweeter was weak. I love the Qa and want to get it working right. Thanks.
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