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    1. hugeroost
      indy, I remember you telling me you recapped your Norman Lab 9"s, I'm thinking about doing the same, can you give me some info about where you got them, which ones to get, etc etc, thanks, Roost
    2. FableB
      Hello there! I have recently bought a pair of Spectrum speakers from a local thrift store. I have LITERALLY looked every where on the internet (I think) and I could not find anything about them. I noticed that you have asked about them a while back (in 2010) and was wondering if you know anything about them?

      I opened a thread today asking for information on the brand in the "Speakers" sub forum here, I posted three pictures if you want to take a look.

      It would be great if you have some info!
    3. OscarEmmy
      Hi, I'm in East Central Indiana...Henry County...also a fan of Thorens and Naks...have a nice TD160B/TP16 alongside my Ariston RD11S/SME SIII/Shure V15-RS, main tape is no longer a Nak...using a TEAC C-1. Still have several Naks though (I used to work for Nakamichi/B&W in the UK)...speakers are stacked original large Advents and amp is Sansui G-22000 (was a Yamaha CA-1000 until very recently); CD is a Denon DCD 1500II; RTR is a Sony TC-756. Love this old gear, and the 60's/70's vintage music to play on it!
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