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Oct 19, 2004
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Apr 14, 2018
    1. markkelsall
      Hello Inspiribomb

      Hope you are ok with me contacting you as I have a problem with my Aurex AD-15 ADRES unit and I noticed in a forum that you have service manuals for the System 15 units

      Do you have one for the AD-15 that you could copy me in on?

      Best wishes
    2. shibari
      Hello Inspiribomb,

      Please forgive my barging in on you uninvited and all. However, after tracking down several sites, pages, articles and manuals, I have yet to find the answer to a very simple question, and I suspect you very likely know the answer...and I would be very grateful if you would help me out.

      I have a set of Toshiba System 15 components. I've had them since new, but only recently considered using them once again. My challenge is in finding the instructions for using the BTL mode successfully. My original owner's manual seems to have disappeared, and considering I have 3 of the M15B amps, I'd like to push some more juice through my Epicure 400's. I am also running 4, Epicure M202's, but 2 of them are work-in-process...

      I need to know where to connect the wires in back, and when/how to turn the BTL button on.

      Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated
      Onward and upward,
    3. jhaan92
      Hey, I've been passing the word along to fellow Cobblefesters (is that even a word?! :D ) that Dad and I just got through restoring a family owned set of Ohm Walsh 2's. I know that you are into fiddling with speakers, so I thought that you might be interested in the thread. If you want, take a poke through the threads I've created in my statistics tab on my user profile and you should be able to find it pretty quickly.
    4. AndyB
      May I please get directions to your house? I didn't think I could make Cobblefest this year but it might work out. Hope to see you.

    5. Blackbeerd
      Aaron, I've got some questions you might be able to help me with.

      I've got a pair of Renaissance 90s - missing the spikes and with the rear foam disintegrating. Well, I have the front spikes, but one was broken off inside (I'll extract it, eventually), but the rears are missing. I know you said you found some for your Ren 80s - where/what did you get? The rear one especially intrigues me since it seems to be a unique adjustable one.

      And the rear foam - did you end up replacing that? I'm not sure where to get the right material.


      P.S. Glad to hear you like your Sqeezebox - I'm looking at getting one of the Duets for my system.
    6. mibag6
    7. Inspiribomb
      Hi there! I love my squeezebox, and playing it through my Bel Canto DAC3, I believe it to be a very high-end digital source. I would recommend first doing research about the various methods of running a digital music system to figure out which one would work best for you.

      With the Squeezebox, you just need a computer to run Squeezecenter and store your music files, a squeezebox and a stereo! Later on you can go with an external DAC and discover a new level of hi-fi.
    8. ruanddu

      I noticed you have a squeezebox. How do you like it for playing computer music? I am looking to upgrade my computer system so I can start enjoying audiophile quality music on my computer. What do you think I need to get started? Good soundcard? DAC? Etc? Any brand or models you like?
    9. JBN
      Happy Birthday Aaron!!!!!!!!
    10. Gohan
      Happy New Year!!
    11. Gohan
      How are you doing?
    12. ozmoid
      Nice chat, Aaron! Glad to have "met" you!

    13. doucanoe
      Hey you, looks like we are friends now! :)
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