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    1. Dingman
    2. J English
      J English
      I'd be interested in participating, JP, and I just found another audio buddy at work who might be interested too, he's one of the graphic designers. Possibly do it in our basement main room which should be back in service by fall...? Hey, was going to write you anyway to see if today or tomorrow would be good for me to bring down the HK590 to you. If it is, give me a holler by cell (201-1732). Best, Joe
    3. Dingman
      Same here with the busy-ness!

      Last winter, I did spend time repairing\working a various pieces of equipment but when spring turned to summer, I quit that and got my bicycle out.

      So generally, only a little listening in the summer.

      But I'd still like to do some sort of get together, and maybe it won't be until fall\winter - or maybe we could find a weekend that would for all of us.

      Heh, except "all of us", at this point, is only you, me and another neighbor of mine, I bet he'd like to do it.

      So, lets do this first~
      Lets just get a list of interested people and locations. We'll first get a head count, and with locations, decide on a locale.

      My house is too small (that's mainly why I'm selling the set of ChorusII's - they are just to big for the room\house).
      My neighbor has a large-ish house, I'll talk to him to see if hosting there is a possibility.

      Do you happen to have a larger space to accommodate some extra speakers and equipment?
    4. Dingman
      Copied this text to another guy who lives in Baxter. Topic is music\equipment review\listening get-together. I thought you might be interested.
      Crap, can't send all the text, these PM's apparently limited to 1000 characters.
      I'll send another with the copied text.
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