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Aug 21, 2018
Mar 4, 2006
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RIP 1961-2018, from OZ

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Aug 21, 2018
    1. pustelniakr
    2. NYListens
      Wow, been off here for a few years, my condolences to your family and friends. Always enjoyed your contributions and answers to my questions. Rest in Audio Karma!
    3. bktheking
      Thanks for everything brother in amps and all things good- motorcycles too! RIP and thanks for everything you gave back to AK!
    4. derekva
      You will be missed, Jay.
    5. 4-2-7
      Rest in Peace Jay
      Condolences to your family friends and all of your loved ones.
    6. jeanmarie
      How about them box car amps
    7. dowto1000

      You live in the greater Kansas City area, and I in Warrensburg, MO. I have designed a new DC SE UL amp, using a 6AQ5 and a 6SL7 as a driver tube. Am about to build the design, over the coming weeks.

      Any chance we can exchange phone numbers, and maybe when I am done building it, schlep my prototype over to you - to critique and hear ??

      My Cell is 660 924-6547. email is drlowmu@gmail.com.

      Jeff Medwin
    8. absolve2525
      Interested in the Sovtek 300Bs, left a pm. Thanks
    9. James Yount
      James Yount
      Hi sir could you help me
    10. bruce nguyen
      bruce nguyen
      Hello all,, I need help with Jbl L7. Need to find part (Network NL7 Low" I guess. Thanks in advance
    11. Nutsfortubes
      Where is my trade for the CJ MV50?
    12. JFCMan
      Hi - Newby - Wondering pitfalls of connecting a reel/reel line output to 2 different receiver/amplifiers - possible damage?
    13. nomeking
      Hi, I have never posted on Audiokarma and don't know where or how to post this question. I have an extremely wordy post inquiring how to or whether it is worth it to triamp Linn Kabers with my system (Luxman, Klipsch, B&W, Crown, and Linn). Is there a direct message function to contact a moderator for advice or a way to add an attachment? Thank you for your help, Mike
    14. Samiam7364
      I have a Sansui 9090 in great condition except for the tuner meter stays to the left and will not go to dead center even when in axillary mode. The signal strength meter works just fine and FM reception is great The one problem I did have is that the dial lamps would not light up.I found a modification for that and used it and now they work.
    15. Jaswinder
      Hi I'm new in this group I have panasonic RF 9000 radio I don't know what is value any one have information about Rf 9000?????
    16. Drewconner75
    17. Dan Twomey
      Dan Twomey
      I don't know anything about threads or even what the hell they are. I can't figure out how to just ask a question to everybody regarding some Koss 1020 speakers I have. Can you help?
    18. Chastity1976
      Carver amp 1.5t can you tell me what it worth...works really well..kept great care of it
    19. rdmilner
      Tweeter on JBL L100 not working. need help
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    20. camaro
      I am new to audiokarma ,still trying to figure out how to use. every one seems very helpful. I am trying to troubleshoot a realistic sta-204 am/fm stereo receiver. light comes on but no sound. just trying to figure where to start first. any help would be much appreciated.thank you.
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