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lame generic statement, from Western Mass.

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Feb 5, 2013
    1. EcoEric
      I have a question from your post:
      "DO NOT USE THE SETUP MIC!!!! it took me hours to repair that damage. I thought "how neat, this thing sets itself up automatically" Not quite. It wouldn't recognize my sub, and I couldn't figure out how to override it and get my sub working. It then made my fronts sound like they were at the bottom of an empty coffee can, with all sorts of reverb and echo. Set it up yourself, it's not to hard. Tell it how far away your speakers are, Leave the EQ off to start, and tell it what kind of speaks you have (small or Large).
      This has provided me with the best sound.
      As I said in my previous post, HD-DVD is not going to be making many movies in the near future, all the studios went to blu-ray (a competitor to hd-dvd), which means you will be spending a lot on a player that will not have any benefit over a regular dvd player. If you really want a high-def player, buy a blue ray. They do cost more, but at least you will be able to get blu-ray movies. I heard a rumor that blockbuster will be going blu-ray soon as well."

      I have the same model. What damage did you have to repair? What happened? I'm having issues with mine and would like to know if they are similar.
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