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Dec 15, 2018 at 1:13 PM
Dec 14, 2006
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Feb 21, 1974 (Age: 44)
A/V Custom Installer

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Incomprehensible space llama, Male, 44, from Wichita-ish

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Dec 15, 2018 at 1:13 PM
    1. kurkj
      Hey There. I have some DCM TF-600s. I was wondering if you remember the model #s for the Tang Band silk dome tweeters you said you replaced the stock ones with. Also, what caps did you use as a replacement? Do you have any pictures? You can respond to my kurkj@yahoo.com email.

    2. rmeade
      greetings Jhoyt! You responded to a post of mine some time ago about sony str-da9000es. I am trying to connect this amp to my computer, directly, to use the DAC feature that you mentioned. How did you accomplish this on your similar machines?
    3. across
      Hi there, I saw on one of your posts you used a luxman lx-104 with a subwoofer, you were able to run this with a power amp and sub together? What kind of subwoofer connection do I need to match up with the luxman lx-104? Any help would be awesome. Thanks
    4. webnick
      Hey J, whatever happened to the e-waves?
    5. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Hi Hoyt, gimme a call on my cell phone if you have time. I would be honored to meet you if you want to come to Red Lobster tonight. my cell # 515-681-4423
    6. Emmbee
      Do you have any more details regarding modding the Kenwood Basic Preamp?
    7. kwik_silvr31
      Well, the 3710 and 3865 came today. I'm somewhat disappointed. The tuning knob on the 3710 is VERY stiff, and the signal strength meter is frozen. The 3865 looks pretty good, but both VU meters are frozen.

      Is that tuning knob going to be a bear to "unstick?" I really don't want to deal with restringing the dial cord and possibly getting the pointer out of alignment with the tuning cap.

      I read a post you had made some time ago about the 3710 and its 4-gang tuning cap. As you said in your post, I wonder if it's potential mod material...
    8. kwik_silvr31
      Gonna get rid of the Onkyo TX-SR805 and the Pioneer VSX-41. Multichannel was fun... for awhile. The Onkyo actually makes a wonderful 2-channel system as well, especially when running it in its "pure audio" mode, but it's just too much... stuff to have in a 2-channel system. Your setup has me wanting to make the move back to tube, but my WORD is it expensive!!
    9. Karu Kutt
      Karu Kutt
      I like your biography... although sometimes its hard to be humble, but I try every day. Take it easy.

    10. kwik_silvr31
      Ahhh. Yes, I too shall be selling some items. Gonna see what I can get for the Concept 16.5, Alesis ADATs, DBX signal processing equip, Fisher CA-880, Technics M270X, the Sonics (not holding out much hope for getting anything at all for those), a Sony minidisc recorder... whatever else isn't nailed to the floor, I guess.
    11. kwik_silvr31
    12. NealinNevada
      Up near Pyramid Lake...30 miles north of Reno/Sparks
    13. kwik_silvr31

      Strange question: What is a "normal" de-emphasis setting for the tuners? Both the Gamma and the Pioneer F90 offer different emphasis settings. However, the F90 allows you to choose between 50us and 75us, while the Gamma allows a choice between 25us and "Normal"... where should these be set?
    14. Rhubarb
      Hey J! Great to have another RenI on AK!
    15. turboyam
      Hi!. I absolutely love your Kt-7500's "pimped" with l.e.d.'s !!!.
      Please, tell me how you connected those so they work on a ac power feed?.
      I have a few Kenwoods here Kt and Kr's that would be nice with led's !!!.
      Thanks for your help, Pierre.
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    Feb 21, 1974 (Age: 44)
    A/V Custom Installer
    The most important thing in all the world is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Second is my relationship with my wife and children. Third is my relationship with various volume knobs.

    Hi-fi -- what else? (Well, maybe baseball)


    Digital: GPMAA > Schiit Bifrost Uber | Sony DVP-NS3100ES
    Analog: Denon DP52F / Panasonic EPS-451c
    Amplification: Schiit Saga > Elan Z660
    Speakers: Vandersteen Model 2ce | Cables: Yes
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