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Dec 18, 2018 at 12:27 PM
Jun 30, 2008
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NE Ohio

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Things I loved from the 60's and 70's, Male, from NE Ohio

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Dec 18, 2018 at 12:27 PM
    1. metalmike65
      Hello, i am interested in your jbl tweeter. Do you have a le5-2 mid also? I am restoring a l100 speaker. I can pay with paypal here or if you want to do it on ebay i can do that also. Thanks Mike
    2. possatt
      No foam is hanging in there.
      One of the 12 in woofers had a foot go through it several years ago...kids rough housing...
      No longer have it.Took it out,and am looking for a replacement that will balance with the other speaker.
      Many thanks for and wisdom.
    3. possatt
      Hello there I have decided to restore some jensen professional system b speakers.
      I see from your past posts you know a thing or two.
      I need to replace one of the 12"woofers.any suggestions?
      Thanks for your input.
      1. jlovda
        Sorry. That was two lifetimes ago. What wrong with them, do they just need to be refoamed? Also, did you have trouble removing them from the cabinet? The self tapping screws were driven directly into the plastic front baffle. Sometimes the insertion would heat up the screw and literally melt the plastic, permanently bonding the screw in place.
        Feb 11, 2018
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      2. possatt
        foam is hanging in there.
        One of the 12 in woofers had a foot go through it several years ago...kids rough housing...
        No longer have it.Took it out,and am looking for a replacement that will balance with the other speaker.
        Many thanks for and wisdom.
        Feb 14, 2018
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      3. CajunBass
        I'm in the process of restoring a pair of System Bs myself and one of the screws for the woofer actually snapped off when I tried to remove it. Other than that, I'm waiting on re-foam kits and will see what else they need after that. The cabinets are in great shape.
        Aug 24, 2018
    4. andyo5
      I see your friend request, but I can't figure out how to accept it.
    5. jimimac
      Very similar to Harley Davidson??Yes there are lots of Equiptment way pricer than ours!!!
    6. daveg3588
      John, Hamburg is 10 miles south of buffalo, so signal must cross all of Buffalo proper, 60 miles land, then 40 miles lake.
      Dave G
    7. smithhurd
      Dear John,

      I had a pair of Jensen System C Speakers which were in excellent condition that I purchased in 1980 ish. I believe I paid over $1000 for them. They were stored this summer and water infiltrated the storage space and ruined them. The insurance company wanted proof of purchase, information about them and value today. They were like brand new!! Can you help me with any information.

      thank you

      Bill Gomolinski 708-878-1428
    8. USMC Spike
      USMC Spike
      Okay, thanks for replaying. I have to figure out what to do with the gear t hat I got.

      None of it works any longer.

    9. mbart
      came accross your post in a thread abut some jensen speakers. i am trying to find out more nfo about a set i have and hoped you might be able to shed some light on them. The internet was been a waste land of info on them. They are a pair of Jensen Spectrum 550. I need to replace the mid and high frequency conrtols on them, a speaker or two and the cone on a woofer. They sound awsome, big and loud, but not nearly as good as they coul.
    10. Gregory
      My email address is: mc_audio@comcast.net

    11. Gregory
      Ok.. I see how this works now.. once you have the front (glass) panel off, you should see plastic `meter movement┬┤ screws below the meter clear plastic windows. with the amp sitting on it's feet, adjust the screws so that the needles are over the last tic-mark.

      As for the AC socket, you might have to drill that out. The replace the rivets with stainess steel phillips screws. I drilled out the meter lamp housing rivets and replaced them with screws. Hope that will look ok. Where is the socket? on the back panel? I cannot recall as I'm at the office now.

    12. Gregory
      Hi jlovda.. I'm at the office now and think we can better communicate if you send these questions to me via email. Please contact me at that address with a valid email. I'll be copying the text of your TWO Visitor Messages and replying once I know your email. Briefly the meter bracket is removed by taking out four screws from underneath in the front right and left corners. You'll have to remove the bottom cover, and I find it best to stand the amp on it's LEFT side and unscrew with right hand phillips driver.

    13. MX117.MC7150
      Hi John:
      Just purchased an MC2125 off of eBay. Plan is to go through it and recap the audio path. Am wondering if you would mind telling which caps you replaced in yours? I'll likely use Nichicon Muse caps.
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    MX130, MC300, ST-G7, KLH Five's, Dual 1229Q, Shure V15 III