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May 9, 2006
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Sep 21, 1947 (Age: 71)
Philadelphia PA
Retired EE/Network engineer.

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ESL's & tubes since 83, Male, 71, from Philadelphia PA

Leading from the rear Dec 4, 2015

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    1. jororaitchev
      a few weeks ago I made my group in the" face", if you have a record time and desire, please visit her!
      This group is for duers only and has no commercial purpose. Jorros DIY -Audio
    2. sax6
      Hi Joe
      Have an other chair that is in front of the IMFs...still not optimal.
      Have no dedicated room but very ( very ) fortunated the hold these 50s.
    3. darkblue94
      Hi Joe, I was alluding to the young whippersnapper's previous post where he said "un-subjective criteria." I was just making one of those wink wink,nod nod gestures to you. I understood exactly what you were saying, It was, more or less, a snipe at the other guy in an indirect sort of way. He seems to be a bit thin skinned.
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    4. milosz
      A Pearson's Puppeteer!
    5. SU 8600
      SU 8600
      Thanks for the lead on parts!!!
    6. iagoy
      HI I live in philly too, near esp
    7. psychoaudio
      Hi Joe..been researching and found your postings about integrating a processor on a 2CH system. I have a pair of Quicksilver KT88 Monoblocks with a Audible iIllusions 2D pre amp.
      Would like to integrate a HT processor if possible and have a 3.1 set up.( Pair of mains, Center and powered sub) using the existing amp. Is this possible? or Am i smoking something ?

      Thank you
    8. JoeESP9
      Leading from the rear
    9. hifitommy
      joe, although i will admit that windham hill makes REALLY clean, hi def recordings, most are just PAP. we can accept michael hedges OK but goeorg winston heard Koln Koncert by keith jarrett and them made an incessant series of recordings with that sound.

      their magenta label series has some ben sidran discs that are great performances by one of my favorite artists.
    10. hifitommy
      hi joe,

      i was shuffling through marcof info and found the post i VE i think that said that you have the manual scan. as you know, i have a ppa1 which i like a lot and i would like that if you have it.

      my email is

      thanks in advance, but if you can't find it anymore, thats ok.
    11. leicamaster
      Thanks for all the help with my Benchmark troubles!
    12. mrz80
      That's a Pierson's Puppeteer!
    13. capt.chaos
      Is your custom bike equipped with Campagnolo?
    14. mackinthebox
      I just noticed the puppeteer avatar and wanted to say hi, lol. have you read Larry's latest book?
    15. vintageboy
      Hi, I am dakatabg from the audioreview! nice to see you here :)
    16. mike waters
      mike waters
      Hey Joe. I know you don't know me but I am hoping you might be able to help me out. I now own a pair of 2+2's and a pair of model 1's w/o the sub and was really hoping you might could send me a copy of the manual for the model 1's as I really don't know much about them. I also picked up a Acoustat trans nova twin 120 amplifier to run a set of these but m unsure of what else I will need to get these going. Any Info would be very helpful. My Email is Thanks, Mike Waters.
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    Sep 21, 1947 (Age: 71)
    Philadelphia PA
    Retired EE/Network engineer.
    I am 69 years old twice divorced and live alone. I usually don't sleep alone. Thank God for promiscious women! I knocked down a wall in my house. This turned my living room and dining room into one large listening room.

    I ride a custom made bicycle. Drink (good) beer and good Champagne. My favorites are Moet and Chimay. I collect vinyl and have 3500+ LP's. I only have about 1600 CD's. I use Magneplanar and ESL speakers except for bass. I am a tube fan.


    Sumiko Blackbird>Rega RB-300>VPI HW-19>ARC SP-9>DBX-223SX>2 modified Dynaco MKIII>Magnepan 1.7's> 2 bridged Crown XLS-402>2 12" TL subs.