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Dec 7, 2018 at 11:04 PM
    1. frankxbe
      No EV EQ here just the speakers. I wouldent think 32 or 28 HZ settings would make any audible diffrence .

      lots of software EQ,compressors,limiters and clippers reverbs etc here to play with you can plug them into a DAW and use pre sets and plug ins or use as stand alone and make your own pre sets and SE chains .

      Everything is digitized here as 24/96 , 24/48 files and 16/44.1 CD and vynil rips as well as high bit rate AAC and mp3 .

      IK Multimedia has a T racks program it has several different EQ's
      clasic,tube ,linear phase .etc. and compresors ,limiters and clippers you can make your own curves and save custom EQ/SE chains .

      But like anthing else added after the final mix on a decent track
      less is sometimes more .

      I keep my port open I would try both ways and see what sounds best in a particular room .

      Probably any decent multiband EQ should work fine
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