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Oct 10, 2018
Apr 4, 2005
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Jan 12, 1966 (Age: 52)
tube amp build/repair/Computer engineer/tech

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R.I.P. 1/12/1966 - 6/1/2017, Male, 52, from Michigan,warren

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Oct 10, 2018
    1. Skettistudio
      Dear Sir, I looked back and found the list. I am new here and am finding my way around. Thanks for your time. Gerry
    2. Skettistudio
    3. MakingWaves
      Paul, im sorry ive been out of touch lately, i had some health issues. Please let me know when we can discuss the alternatives,.
    4. genelex
      Hello ,I was thinking of converting a hp200cd or 200ab to a audio amp
      is the output transformer suitable ? how did yours sound
      I guess I would have to stay pushpull with that transformer
    5. MakingWaves
      Hi.....try ringing me. Ok.
    6. sjt_711
      I'm interested in the 6LU8 amp build.
      Do you have a schematic for the entire build? I'm sorry if I am missing something on the post, but I can't seem to find the link to the schematic.

    7. jheu02

      Any chance you can change the title of my thread in Tube audio from Maggie 8304 Amp Chassis to 9304?


    8. Watthour
    9. MakingWaves
      Hi Keg

      any progress?
    10. MakingWaves
      Hey Man!
      Sorry I missed your call.
      try back anytime during the week. I will be on vacation next week but returning later.
      Hit me up when you can.

      I hope you're well.
    11. knockbill
      Hi Kegger,,
      Hope I'm doing this right,,, I just mistakeingly posted a new thread in teh tube forum,,, Its titled "Two Fer",, I meant to put it in vintage SS,,, can you point me to the right direction to change it?
    12. roline
      Only 24 more elf days till Christmas, I'm making a set of transmission line speakers out of oak (solid with 1/4 ply laminated, 3/4" oak ply and DMF)for the son, to go with his hybrid headphone amp, and sweep tube power amp. Almost ready for the sanding marathon prior to seal, stain and finish. (more work than I thought, but the head elf may make a pair for himself)
      I found a cheap MP3 player on sale at Parts Express for ~$13, SD or USB input, with little remote. I used a 4 AA batt to power and spliced a 1/8 stereo phone to the output. I listened to it last night and was impressed that it sounded as good as my little SANSA mp3 player. You just drag your files over to it, I just pulled from the SANSA player using the computer as a drive location.
      Enough BS, hope you are doing well.
    13. roline
      George is posting info of the 9pin Maganovar *GB5 family in the sweep tube family on the big red board post. I'm going to try to play with those next. He mentioned that he can get 100+watts/channel out of them in PP without plate glow.... I found a couple sets of 18GB5's and a 18volt ct 4amp transformer to warm them up. I did a quick PCB mod to the 6AC10 PCB for LTP and CCS to drive them.
      I've got that lined up behind the quad spud PCB, just need to order 2 watt resistors for it and etch the PCB. I don't know if the 6LU8's can drive 6.6k outputs with little feedback, time will tell. over Christmas project.
      I posted the KEG-EAR amp on the Parts express project page but left the driver tube info off. Left a note to check out the audio forums, maybe we will get more converts from the dark side.
    14. diddlybopper
      Hey Paul I'm getting rid of 2 tube amp pulls and a bunch of tubes...trade for a receiver??or..
    15. sta363
      Hi Keg,
      Thanks for getting back to me regarding the repair of the Cayin headphone amp HA-2 model. I am located in Spokane and think chances are not good to get it fixed here. You have any suggestions? Thanks.
    16. MakingWaves
    17. cairns4me
      Kegger hi there. Today I put up a thread wishing to alert members to take care when dealing with an ebay seller. This has not been an appropriate thread to start as my experience I shared is not being seen as a mere caution neither does it seem to count with many members as the enquiry I was making with the seller, during which he took deceptive measures on his site and wrote message replies which showed he was being "dodgy" did not end in being a firm transaction so members feel I am just being critical..So is it possible to cancel the thread at my request ? Or at least can I get the subject line changed from a seller to avoid to a seller to take care with or something that means same...Thanks Laurie McFadden The thread is titled Eboy seller to avoid and is in DIY forum dated 16 Aug 2012. Thanks.
    18. MakingWaves
      my new number is 248 860 8448
    19. cephelps
      After looking at my final power supply and the amp circuit, should I isolate the amp circuit ground from the chassis ground? I will ground the chassis with the AC input green wire ground. What do think? The power supply has been posted previously.
    20. MakingWaves
      Hey Paul,

      I found some really nice Power switches. I would be happy to drop them off to see if they would work for you?
      Send me a text at 330-414-0755
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    Jan 12, 1966 (Age: 52)
    tube amp build/repair/Computer engineer/tech
    Can't leave anything stock!

    Audio and computers.


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