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Feb 13, 1964 (Age: 53)
Athens, TN
broadcast engineer, mastering engineer, vinyl mast

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Gimpus Stereophilus!, 53, from Athens, TN

Michael, apology gratefully accepted. And glad to give you perspectives on analog matters. Nov 19, 2016

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    1. Nashou66
      Hi Kent, What are the compatible and then Best styli for the Stanton 600 body?

      Are there any Shibata type replacements for it?

    2. KentTeffeteller
      Michael, apology gratefully accepted. And glad to give you perspectives on analog matters.
    3. MudSlideSlim
      I wanted to apologize for my post I was trying to be cute in a fun way by after sending it I thought it sounded condescending. You brought up many points that I've only vaguely considered. . You have inspired me to look into what our local jazz station (88.3 KSDS San Diego City Collage) is doing today with TTs, MCs, MMs and DACs. I know they got a grant recently to digitize their vast LP collection.
    4. KentTeffeteller
      The Jefferson Turtle Takes Off!
    5. fegerter
      Thanks Kent! The 67 is better looking too.
    6. KentTeffeteller
      I think the HH Scott would be a sidegrade. Both are terrific tuners. Keep your MR 67,
    7. fegerter
      Hello Kent, I am sorry to bother you but I have been reading your posts regarding tube tuners for some time and value your comments.

      I have a lovely McIntosh MR67 that Terry Dewick has worked his magic on. It is (in my opinion) a spectacular sounding tuner. I live in a suburban (Philadelphia) area and the majority of the stations I listen to are L.O.S. no more that 7-13 miles away.

      I have just been offered a really nice refurbished Scott 310E and I am curious if you feel that the Scott would be any kind of improvement sonically. I am not a collector but I would love to have them both. Realistically however I would most likely keep only one.

      Fritz Egerter
    8. KentTeffeteller
      Thanks! Appreciate this. My Thorens thanks you.
    9. needlestein
    10. needlestein

      Since your posts regarding Stanton and Pickering products have always been so helpful and appreciated, I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of the deal recently found on some Stereohedron carts. We know you love them. Here is a chance to get, it seems like, a good bunch of them, for a great price. Get them while you can.


    11. boswald
      Hi Kent,
      I have been looking for information about Griffin Bokei speakers, and you chimed in about some gb labeled electronics. I recently got a pair of speakers that were brought from Japan in the early sixties, about 2cuft with 12in woofers marked 4D-1A. The woofers have leather surrounds and the tweeters are bronze painted cast horns. The cabs have teak gridwork grills, just gorgeous. Sadly, I am on bad dialup(Vt=4th world), so pictures will require a trip to the library. I would appreciate any help .
      Thanks for your time, David
    12. Kfleshman
      I just read your bio. Just so happens I built the new room to be wheelchair accessible. I have a friend down in Georgia who is a EE in a wheelchair (he rebuilt my TEAC 4070). Level access from driveway with a 2" drop into room, 36" wide door.
    13. Kfleshman
      Hey Kent! Glad to hear there may be a few more folks around here. I would love to have you come over and check out my listening room & system. The TVAS has never really gotten off the ground but I still hold out hope.
    14. KentTeffeteller

      Thanks! The Expert Stylus Paratrace retip will give you the original Stereohedron II performance and sonics in every way. You'll love it's performance
    15. Cylontymany
      Hi, I am tying to decide on what trigger to pull on my Stanton 681eee cart and it seems the best way to go is with a re tip from expert stylus in uk! I really like your post and responses that is why I am contacting you. John aka Cylontymany
    16. jleon92f
      Happy Birthday! spin some vinyl.
    17. KentTeffeteller
      I'd have to get out the manuals and see what this situation is about the lifters, I'll post back if they can be rotated.
    18. gustavoa
      Hi Sir...
      Like you I love OTARIs.
      Recently a question has arise and I would like to know your opinion or suggestion if you know one, before I try a solution myself (maybe cause some damage).
      Most OTARIs nowadays have worn lifters. I notice there is no screw holding the lifter shaft. Can they be forced-rotated ?
    19. KentTeffeteller
      Appreciate that, thanks!
    20. winters860
      Kent, the more audio gear I experienced over the years, the more I've come to respect your opinions and expertise. Thanks for making AK a better forum!
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    Feb 13, 1964 (Age: 53)
    Athens, TN
    broadcast engineer, mastering engineer, vinyl mast
    I am 45 years old, live in Athens, TN. I am a wheelchair user. I am a broadcast engineer and more

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