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Nov 16, 2018 at 11:39 AM
Feb 8, 2010
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Auckland, New Zealand, Way down in the Pacific
Live Audio Engineer

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Its all about the Music, Male, from Auckland, New Zealand, Way down in the Pacific

kevzep was last seen:
Nov 16, 2018 at 11:39 AM
    1. brightspark2
      Hi Kev, read your posts re Au999. got mine playing as a pre amp for a World Audio Design 6l6wgc valve job. The reason for this is that at low volume i get some back ground distortion FIZZ like a leaky cap this is not as noticable when you crank it up but i know its there. sounds fine as a pre amp but i would like it to work on the power amp side without the noise, any suggestions appreciated cheers Mark
    2. Saxman
      Hi Kev,
      Sorry last reply was late night and lengthy.
      New post is (relatively) short regarding Fake T03's.
      I'm sure they're fake but will await a reply till I flame the seller.
    3. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Hi Kevin,

      Question for you, I am selling a pair of Acoustic Research AR3a's on ebay right now and have received and inquiry about shipping them to Melbourne from the US. How does this work in general with regards to customs etc... would the buyer be responsible for customs clearance, is there any particular shipping company I should use, any advice would be appreciated!


    4. slimecity
      Hi Kevzep - I'm another kiwi forum participator. I saw your posts in other threads re: Perreaux amps. U said you had a few PMF's lying around waiting to be fixed. I am really keen to acquire a big old PMF amp, I'm a hobbyist and like having a go at upgrading and fixing amps. I have some homemade open baffle speakers and an amp collection including Rotels, silver technics, Pioneer C21 pre, and an upgraded Quad 303. Just wondering if you'd be willing to part with a perreaux amp, going or not, that I could tinker with? Woud be great to hear from you....?
    5. bwestiii
      Kev, can't find your pics detailing the "white wire" that connects the G9000 F2719 tuner board to the connector on the other board. Have a G9000 with bad FM (no audio, no stereo light), shop can't fix, saw the "white wire" pics while receiver was away. Have a new discriminator chip, but hoping to be able to compare wiring of my board to the pics I bookmarked months ago and now can't find. Perhaps you can send to me. Thanks, Bill W.
    6. Brooklynwgtn
      I got it anyway, Trade me listing 480402079 it will end up in the shed anyway
    7. Brooklynwgtn
      what do you think of the Sansui R50 as the stop gap? $120.00
    8. Brooklynwgtn
      Hay Kev, the 7070 is at $205.00 what do you think?
    9. NUTTAZ
      Hi fellow kiwi im in chat room if you want to say hi LOL :)
    10. NUTTAZ
      Hey kevzip im in chat room now
    11. NUTTAZ
      hey there fellow kiwi
    12. NUTTAZ
      giday kevzep thanks for the long hello. i reside over in BHB Auckland. Good to see local people on this website as well.

      Yep most of that was made by Fisher and Paykel. its just such cool stuff.

      i look forward to chatting more

    13. MichaelJ
      Hi Kev! It's me your Karma drummer!
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    Auckland, New Zealand, Way down in the Pacific
    Live Audio Engineer
    I am 51 years old, I like doing things the old way

    Have been a serious guitarist for 32 years, Motorsport particularly WRC, Magnum PI , and Ferrari's, I also like listening to music mostly on vinyl.


    Main McIntosh MC452, MEN220, C48, MR78, MR80 Crown Macrotech5002VZ, L'acoustics 8xTi,SB115 Thorens TD125MK2/SME3009, Tascam 122MKII
    Music room, Sansui G22000, JBL L7 Tascam 112
    In the Lab, Sansui G9000, JBL4412, Technics SL1900
    Spare/Loaner Sansui G7700, JVC 4VR-5446.