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just me..., from Munich, Bavaria

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    1. Embryos
      Lini, I wanted to thank you for all of the great advice and the recommendation of how to build the AT44MLB for the T4P on my technics slma1. It sounds fantastic and I really love it. Best of all, the one I purchased included the cart that way when I put my 1200 MK5 back in service, I can slap it on there!
    2. Jeremy Segal
      Jeremy Segal
    3. Mannygil62
      Lini. I just purchased a 622 what do you think about this model. I still haven't received it and was curious to know if it was as solidly built as a 604. Basically I wanted to know if this TT is worth investing in.
    4. kachijs
      Hi. Seems like you know a lot about turntables. Can you suggest what i should look for when buying my first turntable? Any brands you recommend? What would be the resonable price for turntable? Entry-level (at the high end)?
    5. Xyrios
      I am in trouble with 2 dual tt and answers not satisfying in forum, could you please pm me ? Thank you
      1. lini
        I'd suggest to start an own thread instead.

        Greetings from Munich!

        Manfred / lini
        Feb 5, 2017
    6. yoladango
      Love the Wizards avatar. I use that same image for a lot of forums.
      1. lini
        Thanks. So I guess we can concgratulate each other on our good taste. ;)

        Greetings from Munich!

        Manfred / lini
        Apr 5, 2016
      2. freqazoidiac
        especially good taste as it's a direct nod to Bode and Cheech Wizard!
        Nov 5, 2016
    7. wintersdawn
      Hi Manfred,

      Many thanks for your help on my AT70 thread this week, much appreciated.

      Would you mind confirming the idea I have for the best match for my turntable:

      Pioneer PL-12D turntable with AT70 cartridge (originally MT-30 from Hitachi turntable).

      Either an original Audio Technica ATN70 (yellow, 2g, conical) or an ATN71E (green, 2g, elliptical).

      Many thanks,

    8. BowhunterGS
      I have a Technics Sl-M3 turntable and one of the cartridges is a Audio Technica AT322EP. I have all the specs on it...and even bought the appropriate preamp to use it on since it is low output .4MV. It sounded great, and since then, it has been in storage along with the turntable. Times have forced me to consider selling it and I was wondering what you thought the value of the 322 would be.

      I just have never come across one for while I know they are rare, I don't know the value...may just ebay it...

    9. moinau
      Hallo Manfred,
      Sorry to disturb you, I've a few questions concerning a TD-105.
      I've read some of your posts on different TT, Dual, Thorens, etc...
      You mentioned in one of your post that the TD-105 was in fact a very good turntable, a sleeper, somewhat similar to the 14x, 16x family type Thorens.
      One area of concern to you was, the phono cables.
      Can you please elaborate on that, reason be, I'm now looking to buy one with a Shure V15 type IV cartridge.
      According to the seller, it's in mint condition, although I will be the judge of that if I decide to buy it.
      Before I commit to see it, I would like your take on these phono cables.
      I collect all makes of TTs, including Thorens. I already have a few of them and find them very good.
      My question is, should I bother with this entry level Thorens ?

      Price asked is, 200.00$ CAD (132€) although it might be a bit lower.
      Regards and thank you for your input

    10. Curious1
      And by 232e, I of course mean, 242e... It's late here in Aus ;)
    11. Curious1
      Hi Lini

      A few weeks back you suggested an at110e as a good replacement stylus for my dual 505-1's TKS 232e. I Just acquired an Orftofon FF15xe cart and stylus for free and was wondering what you thought of this combination and whether I'd still be better off with the at110e as you already suggested. As previously stated, I love the sound of the 232e. Thanks in advance.

    12. Rod Beauvex
      Rod Beauvex
      Love the Wizards icon. Wow, that was an odd movie. :D
    13. murali_n
      Hi Lini,

      I am Sachin's friend N.Muralidharan from Chennai, India. Recently I purchased a AT13Ea Cart from Japan. Can you suggest a good replacement stylii which I want to keep as spare. Will 13Eax from be good, or the stylus from JICO a good replacement.

      Pl suggest.

      Thanks in advance,

      with regards,

    14. jhoyt
      Hi Manfred, I've tried to send you a PM, but noticed your inbox is full. Could you PM me with an email address or something like that?

    15. jamus
      Hi Lini.

      I have noticed that the azimuth on my Dual cs 607 (with the tks 55e) doesn't appear to be 90 degrees perpendicular to the record. Looks more like 70-80, leaning outwards. Should I try to stick a shim in there to correct this, or just trust the factory intended settings?

      Thank you for any help provided.

    16. Rx Queen
      Rx Queen
      Hey Lini, it's me from Shellshock :p
    17. huck1978
    18. Tuquala
      I have an AT13EA cartridge and was wondering what you would think of replacing the stylus with a ATN14E stylus. I like the AT13EA, but it seems noisy, lots of surface noise. Other cartridges I have are not anywhere as noisy. The needle looks ok, but I really don't know the carts history. I have used this occasionally on a Marantz 6200 and recently on a Sony PS4300.

      TurntableNeedles has a ATN14E (supposedly OE) for $76 USD. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade in your skilled opinion??

      Thank you in advance for your help!!

      Gerry Brown
    19. lini
      Hi Mandy,

      I happened to see your thread over on VinylEngine first (i.e. before I found your message here) and have already answered there...

      Greetings from Munich!

      manfre / lini
    20. tandmpayne
      Hi Manfred, I hope you don't mind a newbie coming direct to you as you seem to know a lot about the dual 506 plus you're not US - I'm based in Turkey (but used to live nr Munich). I stupidly pulled the cartridge off the arm of my dual 506 when trying to replace the stylus. I posted a photo of the damage on a new thread under "turntables" - I don't know whether I need a new cartridge or a whole new arm if such a thing can be bought. I e-mailed Pollins who you recommended before but they said ein Tonabnehmersystem zum Dual 506 haben wir nicht in unserem
      Sortiment. Do you think it's kaput or could I get away with just buying a new TKS 45E cart and a DN 145E stylus ... and if so do you know a website where I can buy cartridges/styli online? Viel Gruesse, Mandy
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