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Feb 7, 2005
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Mark B

Yamaha Fan, from usa

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Mar 20, 2019 at 3:01 AM
    1. Arkay
      Hi Mark! I was surprised to receive a "friend request" from you... I assumed you were already on that list! Thanks for noticing, and taking action. I'll let you in on the latest in the evolution of my system: I swapped a pile of decent but "mid-fi" gear (much of which needed some refurbishment) for a pair of Counterpoint Natural Progression Monoblock power amps. The best amps ever made by Counterpoint, these are extraordinarily good-sounding. The co. used to demo one model below these with Infinity Gammas; they're a great sonic match for the speakers, and also the closest visual match to my pre-amp. Been looking for a pair of these rara avis for a few years , and a dealer happened to get some just when I had to move all my stored stuff to a new place. The swap was a win-win no-brainer for me. The new babies will be delivered this week. :banana: Hope all is well with you. All the best, Lee
    2. Mark B
      Mark B
      Hi Baily,

      Thanks for the inquiry. The MX-10000 has been a rock in my system since I got it. It's running Infinity IRS Delta's in extended mode at any output level with complete control. Definitely the best audio purchase I've made.

    3. SVI2004A
      Hiya Mark,

      That MX 10000 must be pure joy. It's one of the few power amps that are in the "League of extraordinary gentlemen" level amps... To bad they're rare as rocking horse poo.

      I'd be interested to hear how it is going...

      Regards Baily
    4. Mark B
      Mark B
      Hi Stephane,

      I've used the YPC-1 with several Yamaha amps: MX-10000, B-2x, PC5002M, and MX-D1. It sounds great with the MX-D1. The sound seems a little "off" when paired with the other amps. It is a beautiful piece of gear.
    5. hopkins
      Hi, did you have a chance to try the ypc1 passive preamp? If so, have you compared it to other preamp, and what is your opinion?
      Best regards,

    6. hugeroost
      hey Mark, someone on AK told me you were the man on everything Yamaha. Do you know of anyone with a B-1 and the matching tuner, I am seriously thinking of selling my Pioneer sx-1250 and moving up. Thanks, Kyle in Texas
    7. ddknyc
    8. Autobot
    9. Autobot
    10. hair-old
      thanks for your friend request,i am also a big Yamaha fan
    11. Autobot
    12. thefragger
      Merry New Year!

      See you in 2009!
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