Apr 13, 2005
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May 10, 1958 (Age: 58)
Rescuing Pioneer Silver

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On Hiatus, dealing with Dad's estate full time, Male, 58, from Bensenville,Illinois

    1. Yemm66
      Hi Mark. I just recapped my Sa-7500ii and have noticed that my right channel is lacking bass and volume compared to the left Channel. It's not tremendously lacking, but annoyingly so. Do you think this would be a transistor? I appreciate any help and advice you can give me. I'm kinda green with repair/troubleshooting. Thanks! Jeff Yemm in Virden, Illinois.
    2. Eddyv
      Hi Mark. I was referred to you for the repair/replacement of the idler clutches on the 2 CT-F9191 units I have. Any help on this would be much appreciated. I'm roughly and hour from Bensenville. Thanks!
    3. Nyko
      1. Nyko
        Hi Mark - just wanted to confirm I'm in the queue. Provided my contact details but didn't get any confirmation from you. Are you even back repairing? Thanks, Brent
        Toronto, Ontario
        Apr 25, 2017 at 4:42 PM
    4. Selk36
      Hello Mark can I send you my clutch of my CT-F9191 for repair? What are your rates and where do I send it?
    5. cpw302
      I also would like to have the clutch repair on my ctf1000. How do I get it to you.
    6. F Staverman
      F Staverman
      Hi Mark I'm also interested in having my CT-F1000 clutch repaired
    7. 5thgear
      Hi Mark,
      I'm interested in having you repair my CT-F1000 clutch. I have it pulled and ready to ship. Are you up for it?
    8. Keith Jacoby
      Keith Jacoby
      Hi Mark,
      I was told by Rich P to contact you and ask if my Pioneer RT-909 R2R's original bias circuit transistors "2SC1382-Y" (R922 and R923 in service manual mother board schematic) could be subbed with Fairchild Semi 512-KSC2690AYS NPN transistors. 2 parts come up in Digikey, very similar but they have different specs for DC current gain.
      Keith J
    9. VisionElect
      Hello there Mark,
      My name is Mike and I have a CT-F1000 that has the Idler Clutch issue. I see that your on Hiatus currently and am sorry to hear about your loss. Please get back to me when you can, thank you.
    10. JamVal
      Mark, I see you are on hiatus, hope all is well with you under the circumstances.

      I have a CT-F9191 with the typical problem of no FF and no REW. The motor runs, as I can hear it kick in when pushing the FF or REW lever. I haven't taken it apart yet to look at the clutch, but assume it is cracked. What is your fee for the rebuild?

    11. Watthour
      Just guessing, but is this to minimize crosstalk, transients, or other interference between channels? I wouldn't think three inches of wire would significant in a circuit at these low frequencies.
    12. Watthour
      Not questioning the post, but I'd like to understand: Pioneer SX-850 speaker jacks. I can't find it in 850 docs but others (750, 1050) show what you are stating- the L and R channel speakers grounded via their own wires to a chassis ground.
    13. stushug
      Mark, I need my 9191 ff idler repaired. Are you still doing them? Thanks.
    14. mwindle9
      Hello MarktheFixer! My name is Mike (“mwindle9”). 'Blue Shadow' recommends you; please consider another request. I'm in St. Louis metro and need help with a 1981 Pioneer A-9 amp right-channel “warm-up” issue (Pioneer Audio forum: "PLEASE HELP - Vintage Pioneer A-9 amp needs repair"). I'm semi- electronics-literate, yet have only schematics and a volt/ohm-meter. Can you help?
      Mike Windle
      MSgt, USAF (Ret)
    15. Keith54
      Hi Mark, I found this board and it looks like you are the person to fix a Pioneer ct-f9191 cassette deck. The fast forward and rewind kick back out in a second or two. I have it tore apart but not quite sure what it needs. Do you repair them? Thanks Keith
    16. xXColdShotXx
      Hey Mark, would you have 2 (Left and Right) AWH-048 P. amp boards to sell? I have both boards I could trade in on your boards. My boards need rebuilt and I'm not looking forward to rebuilding them to be honest.
    17. Phaster
      Hi, I bought an SX 1250 and I think everything has been redone except for the 4 big capacitors and big transformer. Work was done by an electrical engineer and it is really nice. I wanted to know if there would be any benefit in replacing the 4 big capacitors in the unit someday or just leave it alone? I am not an electrical person so I am trying to learn.
    18. skynyrd77
      Hey mark ,
      Is there anyway you could do a quick fix on my 1250? That guy in south bend charged me 500$ and it lasted less then 20 hours now it's messing up again! I don't know what to do!!!! Help lol Jason
    19. klm123
      Hey Mark, I apologize if this is not proper forum etiquette, but I had a few questions about my sx-780. I have been working on this awhile now and I am beginning to wonder if I should replace everything. My main concern is that I don't have the voltages I need at Q5, Q6, Q17, or Q18. My stk's are fine now. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    20. Jmick363
      Hi Mark, I was looking around online and came across this thread about the Pioneer SX-737. ( I'm having a similar problem where the receiver is clicking off and staying off almost permanently at this point. Using my multimeter, I tested the pin values you posted, and almost every one of them was totally off. Using pin 4 as a ground, the rest of the values are as follows while it was in protection mode; Pin1: 5.5v, Pin2: 5.5v, Pin3: 5.2v, Pin9: -40.8v, Pin10: -13.2v, Pin11: 0v, and Pin12: -41v. Obviously these are severely incorrect, and I know very little about this stuff. Any thoughts or ideas on what's wrong and what I should do next? Thanks so much for your time, the help you provide on this site is incredibly impressive.
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    May 10, 1958 (Age: 58)
    Rescuing Pioneer Silver
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