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Mar 7, 2005
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Oct 29, 1971 (Age: 47)
Miami Springs FL
Elevator Mechanic

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Master Procrastinator, Male, 47, from Miami Springs FL

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Mar 18, 2019 at 9:42 AM
    1. markus
      Hi Mark - which thread are you speaking of ? I've got pretty much every horns offered over the years, so if I know which console, I can give you specifications : )
    2. M.Yu
      Greetings Markus, My name is Mark and I saw your post in a Magnavox thread. I have the same Console that he does except I am missing the horn. I saw you have the same set up in a different cabinet.

      Could you please tell me how wide the horn is in yours or any make or part # or information that might help me to find a replacement?

      The horn opening in my baffle is about 15 in. Is that what you have? I can't seem to find one.

      Thanks so much!

      Regards, Mark Yu
    3. sloober
      Hey Markus. Do you have any maggie tweeters? Looking for as many of the 4-5 inch paper cone tweeters as you have. Thanks, John
    4. Spikedart
      Markus, you still interested in the Bozack plans? I scanned them last night. If you send me an email I can send them this weekend, piece by piece. Large files.
    5. markus
      bobby -

      by sweet spot, I mean they're very sensitive to placement and your 'ear height level' if that makes sense . . . . I kinda do it by eye & ear - 'bout 10 feet away, 6 feet apart, angled in *just a little* . . they could sound good in boxes . . . . but the trick would be to use a box where the back panel unbolts - this way, you'd still be letting them 'breathe' - there's some guys over on DIYAudio & fullrangedriver forum that have done stuff like that successfully . . .
    6. Jubinville
      Hi marcuc,

      You can e-mail me at work


    7. bobbyonions
      hey Marcus. Interesting I've never seen an open baffle design before. Unfortunately I don't have the space for that (well at least my wife would never except it). She's already given me the stink-eye for wanting to hang on to speakers. Do you think they would sound just as good in an enclosure?
      What are you driving yours with? When you say "sweet spot" do mean a certain volume or the right listening position? Maybe I'll hide them in my shop until she's out of town and throw together a box for them. Thanks, B
    8. RenegadeRTR
      Hey Mr. Mark

      It was nice to have you over :D

    9. markus
      hey bobby -

      these rca's are my #1 'full range' driver right now . . . I have them mounted on JE Labs Open Baffles (spec's here: I have yet to try them in a box, since they sound so good on open baffles . . . if you have the room, the JE Labs are the way to go with them. I've tried them with and without tweeters, and actually like them without . . the sweet spot is kinda small, but that's the only real criticism I have for them.
    10. bobbyonions
      Hi Marcus. I've been a member here for awhile but have never posted any messages. I have a pair of 12" full range driver with whizzers that if scavenged from an old RCA tube-based console. I was going to sell them, but when I tested them, I thought they sounded surprisingly good, even without an enclosure. I decided to see what I could dig up on line and I came across your post from around 2005 referencing this driver. I was hoping you could tell me more about it. Will this speaker work well in a box without and other hf drivers? Could you offer any advice on an enclosurure? I'm thinking of building some boxes for these, but I am new to diy speakers, and I know their are certain perameters invoving cubic feet, ports, etc. Any advice? Thanks, B.
    11. markus
      anyone up for a Spring Equinox Console Funeral Pyre Party at my house ? March 20th should be a good day for consoles (and speakers) to die . . the carcasses are accumulating in the garage (mmmwwwWWAAAHAHAHAAAA!!!!)
    12. thefragger
      Merry New Year!

      See you in 2009!
    13. analog addict
      analog addict
      Markus you slacker empty some space in your PM mail box!!!!
    14. jami w.
      jami w.
      hope ya have a good holiday season buddy
    15. birddog
      Happy Birthday!
    16. vintageaudio
      Hello markus!

      I was hoping to ...even asked for directions from beemer......but 1 hour after I asked for the directions...a client called and booked me for that weekend. So, unforunately, unless that client cancels--I cannot attend. So, we'll see. got my fingers crossed.
      How have you been? Picking up interesting things? I have grabbed a bunch of interesting items lately.

      be well
    17. clydeselsor
      Man I forgot all about that! I found an extention speaker at a thrift that had a logo on it for $1.00 so I got that and used it on my 175. Yeah it has 6V6, 12AX7 and 5U4.
      I'm picking up a General Electric stereo tube console this week (I don't know the model #) for free from a co-worker. Do you know anything about GE tube stuff?
      Glad to have you as a friend!!
    18. birddog
      Is you is or is you isn't?
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    Oct 29, 1971 (Age: 47)
    Miami Springs FL
    Elevator Mechanic
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