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Best Day Ever, from Enid, Oklahoma

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    1. RxDx
    2. tim's cousin
      tim's cousin
      Hi Martin.

      I hope you'll help me. First off, thanks for the "new to tubes" post - I'm in a similar position and you've helped me enormously.

      There's a wire (the only one) in some thick insulation coming off the bias section which runs from the 2 caps back behind the rectifier to a tube near the front of the chassis. This wire is actually two wires, and I'm not sure how to connect them to the new bias caps. In the original incarnation, one went to positive, the other to negative. I of course removed these wires when I removed the original can. Now do I just attach them the same way (one to positive, one to negative) to the new caps?

      I'll be away from the internet for a few days, but will respond ASAP if I've not been clear.

      Thanks Martin!

    3. derekva
      I ended buying a clapped-out 800c cabinet (chipped veneer, etc.) for $60 and reskinning it in cherry veneer. You've made it farther on DIY Fisher cabinets than I ever did...

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