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May 9, 2012
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    1. JoeESP9
      Please send me another friend request I messed up the first one.
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    2. matteos
      Building a computer is pretty easy. The important thing to remember is to not force anything, power connections and the like only go in one way. Any other way you will bend a pin. Also ground yourself as static electricity can harm components. You can build one in an afternoon (including putting on an operating system). What is your budget for this? You can buy an out of the box solution (But they generally use crappy power supplies which is not something you want for a music based system). You may find something quite powerful and underpriced on craigslist, I see gamers sell off their older PCs all the time for pretty cheap which would be plenty for what you want. With both of these you are going to have to accept how they look though unless you rebuild it into a new case. Aesthetics may or may not be important to you. Personally for what you want if you were going to build and feel up to it, you should use an AMD APU they are pretty cheap and easily powerful enough for your needs.
    3. fgb4
      (sorry ran out of room on the 1st part of the message. part 2 cont'd)

      Does an out of the box solution exist? A lot of the ones ive seen have poor reviews about being loud, underpowered, and slow. How easy is it to actually build your own?

      What kind of specs should I be looking for? I clearly dont need the TOTL processor etc but Im not sure the minimum requirements required to play HD video.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
    4. fgb4
      Hi! Just saw your post in my HTPC thread. Really appreciate the offer to help, as Im somewhat lost. Ive googled and read a ton of stuff on the web, read reviews, how to guides, etc

      Let me explain a bit more on what I'm looking for. In my ideal world I have a small form factor PC that has windows on it. I throw spotify and some other media programs on it. It has enough beef in the video card to play HD movies on a 50'' flatscreen. No games. Id like to be able to browse the web and stream netflix.

      That said, Im unsure as to what kind of video card I would need. would on board graphics be enough to play/stream HD video?

      I have never built a computer. I'm good with my hands, grew up a carpenter/woodworker, and did nothing but play with legos growing up. I'm not opposed to buying a kit, but I am a little nervous. If an out of the box option existed Im much more likely to chose that. (I also like warranties)
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