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    1. MannyE
      Hey! Great post! I just got an X5 and it's working well but recently the tonearm is developing a "gurgling" sound that reminds me of plastic gears being unhappy. The pictures seem t be broken on the post however...any way to recover them? I'm a little intimidated by automatic mechanisms!
    2. Zach C.
      Zach C.

      I just performed the PS-X5 tonearm repair based on your instructions.

      Worked out great.


      1. MAXZ28 likes this.
      You da man!

    4. augustk07
      Hey Max,

      I see your in Frisco, I'm from McKinney (fort worth now) I'd love to come by and look at your gear and take you up on your most generous offer. I am out of town starting tomorrow but will be back on Sunday. I can come up then of after work next week or next weekend. Please let me know what your schedule is like. That receiver is great. If you're selling I'd love to talk to you about what you have available. Thanks.
    5. markthefixer
      Did you get my PM's about the sx-d7000 side panel auction(s) on ebay? might make a nice replacement for the one that's crushed. Still no bids at 25.00 starting for the pair. # 170647471117 and 10.00 shipping.
    6. jhaan92
      I know that Dad was crazy not to buy the 810's, but he did score a set of Magnepan MMGs from I guy in Byron for 350 I think. Great deal considering that the speakers were only a few years old, and were MINT. The guy certainly knew how to take care of his equipment.....had a nice rack of NAD gear that I wouldn't have minded playing around with.
    7. 10sguru
      Darren, got your PM. I might just get the materials and take your step by step to a local wood worker. Thanks for the reply.
    8. 10sguru
      hey Max I just purchased a G8000 and was reading your post on the walnut veneering. By chance would you be interested in doing another? ;-)

      Jim Flannagan
      Bristol, Tn. - Home to the fastest half mile speedway in Nascar
    9. MAXZ28
      Yeah, as far as I know. Have your dad send a pm to AKer jaykoly for more details.
    10. jhaan92
      Does he still have them? I was talking with him about a week ago and said that he was never given a price.
    11. vdplag
      Hey Max: I'm really diggin' the sx-3900 and hope you're as happy with the trade as I am. Any thoughts on finding a way to keep the radios digital display on while using other functions. Personally, I think it's a design flaw. I'd like to see all the fluoroscan all the time. Trying to get ahold of Giuseppe (secondslc) to see if the master electrician can do some rewiring. P.S. I still want that sx-780, so you can pull that ad any time. :-)
    12. vdplag
      As a self proclaimed worlds best (worst?) procrastinator I finally got around to leaving some feedback and recognition for all your kindness shown to me. Not eloquent but hopefully understandable. I never have been good at expressing gratitude but I want you to know how much I appreciate all you've done for me. My limited vocabuary stifles me. Thanks Darren for all your knowlege, help and patience. I don't know where it's posted or even how to search for it but it's out there in the void somewhere.
    13. EMIparty

      I read a post of yours about the 'big G"

      I need to clean mine and need some help

      Is there a vid or pic link which would show me how to

      disassemble it ?

      One channel cuts out intermittently

      I am in Novi Michigan

      Anyway any help would be much appreciated.

      Thanks !
    14. DENNYDOG
      Are you coming with to KC this weekend? I need to know so I can let the nice folks know when I'm going to be there to pick up the speakers.
    15. Noborigama
      Hey Darren, If you do have vinyl to part with, let me know what and the vinyl condition, I don't care about the covers. Thanks Vic
    16. StarMover
      Hi Darren,

      Just noticed the friend request. Proud to be friends with such an upstanding guy as yourself. I hope our latest transaction turned out OK for you.


    17. jhaan92
      You can't have them back :D!
    18. jhaan92
      It was fun meeting you, and I got your message. Call me when you get more details and we'll talk specifics!

    19. John Marinello
      John Marinello
    20. dowey
      to add to that story i blew the resistor when i tried to put the old power packs back in i cut it on and the right power meter went off the chart i heard a click and saw a puff of smoke i immediately shut the unit off and looked inside and saw the burnt cloth around the resistor thats how i knew it was bad to begin with...
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