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Aug 16, 2008
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Harrison, AR
Powerplant Electrician turned Operator.

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AK Subscriber, Male, from Harrison, AR

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Apr 10, 2018
    1. Mazeppa
      I have no idea about parts availability for that thing, but I believe I'd get some lubrication in those bearings pronto.
    2. lha1992
      Hey Stephen, I hope the squeal is not a motor bearing! It does it occasionally at the end of a tape after its been on for 30 minutes or so. I hope the motor can still be fixed or replaced?
    3. ihop
      Sorry for taking so long to get back. My pcr 800's do have the fans but any olume at all and they can't be heard. There was a pair on Ebay a few days ago for 225.00 for the pair. I paid that each or more.They where in Maine, I was so tempted to get them just because??? Two of those bridged is alot of power. The other night the kids and I slept in the living room, they were affraid to go upstairs because of a thunder storm. My boy wanted the music on for the night. The first notch on the volume was too much to sleep by. I had it set half way between off and the first detent. No fan noise from where I was. Glad I got another Craftsmen fan. There are alot coming up forsale and no one is spending. Good time to buy. I have the email of the guy in Maine with the two pcr 800's if you want it. They where beautys. Email me at Later,Mark
    4. Mazeppa
      Very glad to hear your family is together, and you've got something going on your house in AL.
      May be down TX way around Labor Day. Wouldn't mind finding a Phillips CD player and/or a tube amp. Really don't need anything, but always looking for a bargain on something interesting.
      Been doing Mod.s 101 on some cdp's lately. Amazing how good a $15 player can sound by changing a few components. Got the itch to build me a low$ external DAC, gathering bits, pieces and knowledge now.

    5. tensleep
      Things are going well here, airplane dude! My wife and kids are in Texas now and we have an offer in and a contract signed on a house in Rockwall. I haven't had a lot of time to spend on audio lately, but I have heard good things about Traders Village in general. I suppose I will have to check out the audio guys there and see what they have to offer. I cruise Craigslist and Ebay here quite often. Anything in particular that you are looking for?
    6. tensleep
      I have seen his advertisements on Craigslist. He does seem to have nice equipment, and you have confirmed that. I will keep Don in mind. That's great that you made a good deal! I have read good things about the Quartet. I have heard Heresy's and I have a pair of Klipsch KP-301b's that are a lot of fun, but I have not heard the Quartets.

      I look forward to reading your review.
    7. tensleep

      Thx for the headsup! I, like you, am covered up with receivers at the moment. I am trying to pass on a Yamaha CR-840 in fantastic condition, with original packing materials and literature, for $140. I just bought a CR-450 from him for $25 and it is in fantastic condition. He asked what I would give; I told him I didn't want to offend him with a lowball, but if he just had to get rid of it, I could scare up $50.

      What kinda speakers are you looking at?
    8. Mazeppa
      Love the sound. Got it apart now for recap and transistor change to get the DC
      offset in line. Have a thread going on the job, couple of AKers helping me through it.
      Can't wait to get it back online.

      Wow, man that's almost spooky how closely you described my flying past. Grass
      strip, 900', 81rst St on one end, a barbed fence on the other. That's not my
      Luscombe pictured, but the same type. I didn't have wheel pants, they were too
      rare (expensive). That was during my single 70's years. We were ragtag owner,
      operator, mechanics. The FAA would've s**t if they'd have checked us out.
    9. ihop
      Hows the amp treating you? Is that your plane? It's a beauty. My dad was a pilot and we flew out of a string bean grass airport. Alot of nice old planes like that. Power lines at one end and big spruce trees at the other, I'm thinking 900' but it's been a while.
    10. d-ray657
      Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir. Good things come out of Tulsa, you know. Just ask Leon Russell.


    11. sfox52
      My dad had planes all through my boyhood, starting in the later fifties. I took lessons in a J3 on a grass strip, soloed at 16, but never finished up- I think I had about 17 hrs. total logged. I'm colorblind, so I had a night restriction on my student license. My dad isn't flying anymore- he's 80 & near crippled with arthritis. He still has his(Grand Champion Classic 1994 Oshkosh) Johnson Rocket 185!
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    Harrison, AR
    Powerplant Electrician turned Operator.
    Married to my first wife (great gal).
    Italian immigrant grandparents.
    Regular Army early 70s (Okinawa for 15 months).
    Owner, operator, crew chief of a Luscombe 8A, late 70's.
    Hydro Powerplant Electrician then Operator, just retired.
    I'm liking having a little time and $$ to play at:
    Audio, RC planes, good food and drink, local politics.


    "Gotta get on home to the animal zoo."