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Oct 3, 2018
Feb 8, 2006
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Oct 3, 2018
    1. BSpaaudio
      Did you end up repalcing the TP13 tonearm on your Thorens TD 150? I;m looking for a couple of parts for my TP 13 tonearm.

    2. robitaille03
      Hey Marty -

      This is a WAY overdue update/response. Thanks for your reply. I did end up soaking the sock in OxyClean and my stepfather refinished the wood tops and bases. I also replaced the fabric underneath and these speakers now look and sound fantastic. Oh, I also had a local audio repair business fix one of the crossovers - one of the coils had come loose. Anyway, just thought I'd update, regardless of how late it is!! Take care,

    3. mcp1
      Hi - although I liked them very much, I didn't keep them long as I had too many other speakers at the time. The drivers in mine were fine, so I didn't remove them. But I know what you mean about the grill cloth and lining. What a mess! The lining turned to dust and I spent alot of time vacuuming it up. Sorry I can't be of much help as I never got around to putting the time into them... can you remove the sock and soak it in Woolite?

    4. robitaille03
      Hey, I'm in Chittenango and picked up a pair of DCM TF-500 speakers on Craigslist. They obviously have been living in a dirty house/apartment - the grill cloth smells awful. I want to at least give them a cosmetic overhaul - new grill cloth and new fabric buffer underneath ... was just wondering if you have an update on how your refurb went. I was also wondering if you figured out how to remove the tweeter and woofer, as they appear to be stapled in place ...?
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