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    1. Rmc7400
      Hi Merrylander,

      I hope this finds you well. I'm a fellow AKer. I started down this rabbit hole with Kenwood. Sansui next, h/k730 and my uncle let me borrow his CR1020. I now own a very nice one of my own. Amazing unit!

      Anyway, there are some marks on the top grill from the heat. Is there any way to safely remove this heat grime?

      Thank You for your help,

    2. passion4audio
      Hi Merrylander,

      I don't know if you remember me. Years ago I purchased four or five of your refurbished Yamaha CR receivers. Just wanted to let you know that they are all working well - and they still sound amazing.

      Hope you are doing well. Thank you again!

      Todd Brown
      Southern California
    3. jami w.
      jami w.
      hey merrylander! i havent been on ak much, but im glad your doing well my friend!!!!!
    4. Jasonj
      Hi Merrylander,
      I've seen that you are the resident expert on Yamaha 20 series and I have an issue you may be able to help me with. I have a 1020 that was working fine, but now the fm light and its light do not work. I can't get sound at all if I have it set to ots, but it works fine if I use fm mono. Any ideas? Thanks for your time :)
    5. Peter Wimble
      Peter Wimble
      Hello Merrylander, I have a Yamaha cr820. It blows the main fuse on power up. I have replaced the to3's but still the same problem , do you have any advice ?
    6. zanne
      Hi Can you help me? I bought cr-620 for a good price and i saw that it had no lights. I bought it becouse i have 820 that i have replaced the bulbs. This one has only one busted and when i chanced it it didnt light em up.
      The amp works otherwise. What to do? Where to look for the broblem? I have tried to find answers from threads here but no luck.
    7. Hatterasman
      I was referred here by someone on another forum, and was told to ask for "Merrylander". I am also in need of a referral for someone to works on my vintage Yamaha CR2020 receiver. It plays fine for a period of time, then just shuts off, usually accompanied by an audible pop. I have found all of the service bulletins in PDF form, however, all of the service manual PDF files I have found online are unreadable.
    8. YamahaNut
      Hello Merrylander. I know you're no longer restoring equipment but I'm wondering if you have a referral for someone who would be an excellent cr-2020 restoration expert. If you know of one in MN, that would be great. Thanks.
    9. RF2015
      Hi Rob, I noticed you are still active on AK. I'm new to the site and in my research noticed you are a revered member and an expert on Yamaha receivers. Also, I was informed by the moderator about your illness. I'm saddened to hear that. So, it's with some reservation that I ask this question, do you have the light bulb holders for a Yamaha CR 1000? Mine have been baked to a crisp. The unit is not powering up and I did replace a blown power fuse. Also. I've recently moved to MD. If you have any suggestions as to a reputable repair shop, please let me know.
      Regards, Raphael.
    10. Allisonholic
      I contacted Haileyburian who had the same problem with a cr 800 that you fixed, the notes from you were "Traced all the way back to the multiplex output... Found an open capacitor between the last two transistors. Replaced..."
      I know it's a stretch but would you know which cap that was?


    11. Allisonholic
      Yeah I checked that and the grounds, they all seem OK. There is some audio coming out of the right speaker but the balance has to be on 9 on the right speaker to make the level the same on both.
    12. Allisonholic
      I'll give that a try this weekend, thank you.
    13. Allisonholic
      I have a problem with from reading earlier posts I think is your favorite subject, CR 800. I've read past posts about it but but I was wondering if you might have some ideas on how to fix it. The right channel is very low and have cleaned the pots and switches with Deoxit several times with the same result. I'm not real technical but I have restored several tube and solid state receivers and ham transmitters. I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me.


    14. Pullo
      Thanks so much! I ended up making a blend of vinegar and lemon juice that took the tarnish right off, leaving everything perfect. However, in the process of pulling the paddle knobs off, I loosened the shaft on two of the 5-way switches behind them. Everything still works and sounds fine, but there's just a little in-and-out wobble now (I can pull the knobs away from the faceplate a few centimeters, in a way that they couldn't be pulled before). Given that there's a linear actuator between the selectors and the actual switches on the PCB, am I right in assuming that it shouldn't affect the sound in any way? Any idea if I've done serious harm to my receiver? Best regards.
    15. Pullo
      Hi Rob,
      Two years ago, I picked up a badly neglected, half working CR-2040 on a lark. Since then, I've been working to restore it to the best of my ability- thanks largely to the information in your history of posts. It sounds fantastic now. I'm at the point where I'm taking care of the cosmetic issues (new veneer, replaced missing knobs, etc).

      When I got the unit, all of the (remaining) knobs and button covers were badly stained and tarnished. I tried to clean/polish a few myself and ended up making them worse. Since then, I've simply replaced most of them with clean ones bought online but it's been impossible to find some. I was wondering if you knew the best way to clean/refinish the ones that I have. If not, I was wondering if you happened to have any clean spares around that you might sell me. I'm looking for the big paddle knobs for the Rec. Out, Input Selector, and Phono Selector switches and the tuning wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Best regards,
    16. Franz
      Hi Rob,
      I have not been on Audiokarma for quite some time, and didn't know if you were still around. You overhauled my Yammie Rcr some years back. I mistakenly hooked up a pair of Spika (4 ohm) speakers to it and it blew. Major or minor, I don't know, but NO ONE around here can fix it. Can I send it to you?
      Thanks for your time.
      replay here or direct to:
    17. mojoe
      It has been suggested I contact you directly to enquire if you might have a spare part in your bin. I'm in need of a rubber lamp holder for a Yamaha CA-810 meter lamp. My unit only has 3 of the 4 boots. Lamps work but I'm considering an LED upgrade and would like to have all 4 boots in place. I'll be happy to pay you your asking price. Thanks much for your time.
    18. runningdogss
      sorry to hear that....thanks for the response...i understand, and will look for the rockville folks....
    19. runningdogss
      have trolled for a few need direct alexandria, va....

      my cr 2020 just developed a low (60Hz?) hum...are you still entertaining yourself by repairing/updating same, or might you be able to recommend someone nearby?

      tim phillips
    20. ta2ctp
      Thank you very much in advance for your answer.
      I need the Yamaha CR820 Service manual
      Pcb component placement paper and idle current adjust values,method?
      Can you help me please?

      Best Regards
      Safak TASKIN
      E-mail :
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