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    1. christophe27
      I think I'm sticking with the Marantz. Do you have any knowledge with the Time Windows from DCM? Have an opportunity to pick up a set of 1a speakers. The price seems a bit high, but I'm so impressed with the 500's I figured I might try the step up.
      1. mgosdin
        I've not had a chance to hear any of the Time Windows. From what I've read they are very much in the same mold as the Time Frames, but are several steps up in that they really shine with larger rooms and more powerful amps.
        Jun 8, 2017
    2. christophe27
      How are you today? My name is Chris. I posted something a few days ago regarding the DCM tf 500. Love the speakers. Curious if you believe a Denon pmv 900 integrated amp rated at 120 wpc would be an improvement over the Marantz 2265b?
      1. mgosdin
        I've used my 500's with Yamaha and Onkyo receivers with 45 - 50 watts rated power and they sounded perfectly fine even though the power ratings weren't all that high. Try the Denon if you can, but don't be surprised if you stay with the Marantz.
        Jun 7, 2017
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