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Nov 21, 2005
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Aug 29, 1966 (Age: 52)
Olympia Washington

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Mister Pig

Pigamus Maximus, 52, from Olympia Washington

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    1. RCD971
      Hello MP, forgive me for the intrusion. I was just surprised to see the name Curtis H on this site.
      I wish I had been into vinyl when I was buying the Rotel and the Signets, from Curtis and Mike, I might have a clue as to which TT to get. Walked into AA just asking about "watts", and Curtis was not a snob at all! Wish he was still there.
      thx Mike
      1. Mister Pig
        Mister Pig

        Curtis was as nice a guy you found in the audio business, and he was ethical and honorable. He was my absolute favorite audio dealer. He treated me, a young college kid with no money, very kindly whenever I visited. I bought my Spica TC 50 on closeout from him, and loved them. I wish he would have kept Advanced and I could visit him one more time.
        Jan 28, 2019
    2. TheHaskills
    3. Katalyst
    4. bob06
      Dynavector Karat Nova on Ebay right now with the funky headshell. $1200
    5. robbiesd
      Mr Pig,
      Marc Silver in Rossville, CA, used to own a retail store. He bought up the last of the Lustre GST 801 inventory when it was closed out. He has a few new arms and some that are that are short parts. He may be willing to sell you the counterweights you are seeking for yours. He can be reached at 707-337-3355, marc@soundscape.com.
      You can tell him I referred you.
      Robbie Hewitt
    6. bhebbel
      Every morning I cook breakfast for the family I use your quote about Bacon and eggs. Thank You!!!
    7. Sprags
      I might be interested in one of your TT's if you're going to sell any.
    8. keilau
      I come across the thread on "ZYX RS-30 02" and your recommendation. It seems like a MC tailor made for low mass tonearm.

      I am considering re-tip or replace my Dynavector Karat Ruby cartridge. Do you have any opinion on whether the ZYX RS-30 02 will be an equal, better or lower perforamnce replacement? The arm is a Grace G-707.
    9. boza
      Just seen your other personal mesige please if people like you leave AK who will be there for the guys like me:-(
    10. boza
      Thank for your coments on my thread :-) and thank you for looking at my album you have an impresive album your self love the turntables very mice
    11. RamblinE
      Ah I see what you were referring to. No I don't drink but I nightly just listen to my system without worrying about tweaks or enhancements. If it's going to be another component of stress in my life then how can one enjoy it? I think that thread is kinda stupid and I was being a little rude in it, regrettably.
    12. Mister Pig
      Mister Pig
      Well I am actively looking for a replacement to AK. My patience has finally worn out. Actually I think you may be losing more people like me, as they are feeling the same way. I have one hoof out the door, don't know if I can find enough to keep me here
    13. Mortsnets
      It has come to my attention that you have joined the AVS home theater forum.
      Repeat after me: Two channels good, more channels bad.
    14. bubba ho tep
      bubba ho tep
      Hey John,
      Your PM Inbox is full. I sent you a message via the email option. Not sure if it worked
    15. thedelihaus
      Howdy John!

      Very pleased indeed with my setups in each location of the house.

      Currently enjoying a very low mass carbon tube tone arm and do have a few projects in the works.

      Always eyeing the next step up in cartridges, but wary to do it, knowing the possibilities of me getting clumsy.

      How you liking that new cart of yours?
    16. ChadHahn

      If you haven't done so yet and you are still interested in getting a TT weight, PM me with the number of them you want and your address.

      When I order them I will ask for PayPal payment. After they are made I will box them up and mail them off.
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    Aug 29, 1966 (Age: 52)
    Olympia Washington


    Bacon and Eggs: A Days Work For The Chicken. A Lifetime Commitment For The Pig