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    1. STA
      I noticed in one of your posts that you have a both the Mitsubishi MS-30 and DS-35b speakers. I have a pair of Mistubishi DS-35B speakers that I have had since the early 80's. One of the tweeters is out, and I have been having a hard time finding a replacement. I recently came across some drivers from a set of MS-30 speakers. Do you know if the drivers are comparable, especially the tweeters?
    2. Richard Zoll
      Richard Zoll
      I have a DA-M30 meters and one of the bars stopped working. Any ideas? Can these be fixed you think? Thanks.
      Which order number? We will pay shipping back for you..

      Please contact me
    4. Drybasement
      Well I'll be, it's MitsuMan. Where have you been?
    5. dbster
      Do you know where I could get a manual for a Mitsubishi DA-C20 tuner/pre-amp ?
    6. tomclyne
      Hello Mitsuman. It's been a pleasure to see your extraordinary contributions to this forum. Thanks for the privilege of reading them, and now of writing to you. I'm new to AudioKarma and perhaps I'm "almost new" to audio. I've let my interest in audio lapse for a coupla decades. Now I learn that in my 60-some years, I've never heard the quality available on FM until now. I might as well have been wearing earmuffs all that time! A little over a month ago I bought a DA-F10 after reading what you had to say about it. Sheesh! Extraordinary sound! So here's my question, Does the DA-F20 sound any better? Call me a hedonist if you wish, but in this message I'm not asking about any features or other specs, just the sound quality, because that's the one thing that might cause me to seek out a DA-F20 to help populate the hi-fi corral. BTW, you are cool. Best to you! <::tom::>
    7. old2new
      Hi Mitsuman,

      I have an opportunity to buy a Mitsubishi DP-EC1 logic turntable in excellent condition. I have a full Mitsubishi system minus the turntable. I am familiar with high end Japanese decks and this one looks to be of excellent quality. My concern is with the logic and amount of electronics on board. I had electronic problems with two Denon decks in the past because of this. Do you have any experience with issues on these tables? Your insight and knowledge is greatly appreciated in advance.

      Joe (old2new)
    8. harpsound
      Can you tell me if the Mitsubishi DP-40 TT is worth looking at?

      I cannot find anything on the web

      I am looking for a decent automatic to put a $100 cartridge on - (Sumiko Pearl)

      I have an Akai ap-206 in reasonable condition.

      The DP-40 is new in the box for $20 so must consider.
    9. SpruceMoose
      hey Mitsu! how's it going? i saw over on the vinylengine site that you had a mitsubishi TT manual available. do you perhaps have one for a DP-EC10? i just bought one, and it seems to be a very fine TT, but the auto-return does not work. i dont wnat to just tear into it blindly. thanks for your time, SM!
    10. crowleysr1
      Hi, MitsuMan!

      I recently bought the DA-A10DС/M10/C20 in very bad condition. For repairs needed schemes and user manuals. If you have these documents, then I'll be very grateful if you send them to me on mail
    11. autoteck1
      Would you have a copy of a service manual for a da-a10 or da-a15 that you could send a copy of
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