Oct 12, 2007
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AK Subscriber, from Vancouver


Birdie Num Nums Oct 2, 2018

    1. Tucker99
      Andrew...I sent you and email re Pioneer TTS. wondered if you received it or it is hiding in your spam folder? Or maybe you are away. Anyhow, reach out to me at is my Pioneers need your hands! Thanks John
    2. Montycat
      Birdie Num Nums
    3. Montycat
      It's a Dust Bug base!
    4. flyz51
      Still giggling about your current avatar, even though I understand your disclaimers as to its provenance. I'm curious about the quilted piece hanging on the wall behind your latest jazz thread post. My wife is a quilter and I am wondering about the pattern.
      1. Montycat
        Hi! Sorry but I didn't see this this until just now. I can ask Linda about the pattern if you like. She probably has it though she made that quilt several years ago. Lately she has been into knitting.

        Send me a PM instead of this if you don't mind. I don't see alerts on this messages. Or email to

        Apr 28, 2018
    5. IGSTER
      Nice Johnny Mathis album. Hilarious.
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      2. Montycat
        Thanks! Can't claim to having invented it. And not trying to get on your ass either! Just playing...
        Jan 29, 2018
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    6. satkinsn
      Just wanted you to know that our 30 year old daughter is home visiting for the holidays, and the two of us have been cracking each other up just by mentioning the Johnny Mathis cover art. Brilliant, though it helps to live in a place that's butt deep in snow.

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      2. Montycat
        Glad you like it. I can't take credit for coming up with it but wish I could!
        Dec 25, 2017
    7. godcross
      Hi, I have contacted mythless. He was last on mid November so hopefully he gets back to me soon.
      I've been canuckaudiomarting for lots of years now and ignoring audiokarma, now after signing up and cruising the last few days seems I was making a mistake!
      Anyway, thanks for noticing my post and if David doesn't get back to me I'm definitely into the damper, I think it will really help out with the cartridge.
    8. roborla
      Hello, Roberto and I write from Italy, I would be a great help to understand how to insert drive belt nell'Harman Kardon Rabco ST-6 because I can not !!!! Could you give me a help?
      Thanks I await his answer perhaps with a frame of reference.
      My mail is:
      Thank you!!!! and please help me
    9. Montycat
      I just saw your post. You still seem to have done ok. We got about $600 in our sale but I gave away a big box of records and a bunch of other stuff. I also gave someone a good deal of a black face Sony receiver, a basic Technics P-Mount TT and a pair of Boston A40s I refoamed.

      Question: Why do you use the Visitor Message instead of the Private Message? I don't get notified when you use this so I can easily miss it.
    10. tyeeslayer
    11. tyeeslayer
      Anything in particular you want me to keep an eye out for?
    12. tyeeslayer
      Too bad. I'll let you know if you missed much.
    13. tyeeslayer
      Are you heading to Innovative Audio on June 14th for their garage sale?
    14. Montycat
    15. daza152
      yeah it was the headless chicken, I saw. but when I went back to forum I saw it as back to normal, why do you call him Mike? and I thought your current avatar was a photo of you. Haha.
    16. daza152
      What's happened to your avatar?
    17. burneyreid
      Hey Andrew,
      Burney here...we met at the Vinyl Fair on Main St last year and chatted for a bit.

      Just want to ask you where to get De-Oxit and related stuff for cleaning/lubing switches.
      What do you prefer when you're tuning up your receivers/Amps etc.

      Thanks in advance.

    18. bettynewbie
      What/where would I get a replacement stylus? (I had the the post about the LAB-500.)
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    19. HammondB
      Wow-I followed the link. I have just begun to explore, there is a lot to read. The Omstrument is so cool. You say you work with Jack. Tell me more!
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