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Nov 3, 2018
Jan 7, 2012
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Nov 3, 2018
    1. moose68bash
      Happy New Year, Brian. I hope you had a great holiday season. Ours was pretty quiet, but that is what we like! We're really glad you liked the "goodies." I only wish we owned that business, but the similarity in names is only a coincidence. Thank you again for the stands. I've got to get to work on them. My concept is to fit two maple butcher blocks on top of the posts (after trimming them down), but I need to get a real plan done before I start cutting anything. I may hang out here more often than I have to date. It does seem to be a pretty good group of guys. Warm regards and many thanks, Phil
    2. motorstereo
      Hi Phil; Was very nice to meet you and your wife and I hope you had a safe and enjoyable trip.
      My goodness that box of goodies that you gave me were nothing short of delicious. I see with your online name being Moosebash is this candy a business of yours? My wife is already thinking about ordering some for gifts for the holidays. The Moosemunch is outrageously good and I've never had or seen anything quite like it.
      Nice to see you here on audiokarma and hopefully you hang out and do some posting. Pretty nice group of guys here and unlike the polk forum is it's very well moderated and never gets out of hand. Brian
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