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Feb 19, 2019 at 6:55 PM
    1. hogwylde09
      Moray, I posted the Karlson design enclosure on the Klipsch What I got Today subforum. Just a few days ago. Got a like from you on the Sansui 500a.
      The Karlson design bins are bass dominant. Not to shabby in the horn in the middle of the voice coil either. They seem to be lacking in the500-800 range. Horn and network suggestions?
      1. moray james
        moray james
        Apr 25, 2017
    2. istics
      Hi moray,
      Saw this post.....

      ..... Acoustic Elegance can sell you drivers which are vastly superiour to the stock drivers but you would need to buy a pair and they would not be cheap.

      was wondering which sub was the drop in replacement you were talking about for forte ii's? Also in your opinion what is better about it?
    3. moray james
      moray james
      Hi Dave: yes I got your message and I replied, I see you listed in my friends box now.
    4. Dave C
      Dave C
      I cleaned up my mailbox a bit tonight Moray. Dan forwarded your email to me and I did reply to both him and you, did you get the message?
    5. SWL3600

      Just wanted to acknowledge that I've experimented with some of your suggestions and I'm thankful for your willingness to share your knowledge. I contributed to the "KLF Upgrade" thread that you started a couple years ago with my ongoing experiments based on your suggestions.

      That thread should be a 'sticky'. God knows the KLF's need the improvements and when they do....they REALLY shine.

      Thanks again,
    6. Joseph Jove
      Joseph Jove
      I reached out to the gentlman, Mr. James. Just so you know.
    7. Kupay0910
      Hello Mr. Campbell... Actually it is my honor because of all the help , your expert advise and time that you had given me... I really appreciate it...
    8. moray james
      moray james
      Hey Dingman: you can make a jump up in performance by replacing your auto transformer with the large German C-Core units and plastic caps of the film and foil type. You can build larger cabinets the stock KLF20/30 cabinets are under sized. Take a look at this thread This mod will make for more & better woofer SQ than any I have come up with. Enjoy and take every opportunity to spread the word. Personally I find stock Klipsch speakers to be unacceptable any longer and not really worth listening to. Ok if you have zero diy skills but if you can manage some upgrade work you can do better. The two sets of H3 that my brother owns are now better very many Cornwall set ups I wish more members could hear them. come visit Cow Town North and have a listen some time. Best regards Moray James.
    9. Dingman
      Hiyas dude!
      I wanted to say, Thanks so much for your help with my speakers. Your advice for modifications was spot on.
      I am now in the unenviable position of having to tell my friends that their stereo systems don't hold a candle to what I'm now running. My KLF-20's are unmatched at this point. Thanks again.
    10. lordgarth
      Hi MJ, Is there a way to increase the SPL Db sensitivity in a pr of KG-4's, thanks, Kevin
    11. Luckytiger
      Did some research on my own......
      My chair already places my ear at the center of the midrange so no need to raise the speaker. Also read some of your other posts about horn damping. I wonder if simply thickening the walls of the horns with fiberglass resin would accomplish the same thing, or do you believe the material needs to be "dead" as well.
      Still not clear on adding mass to the passives. Where do the washers go?

      Thanks, Jay
    12. Luckytiger
      Spent many years as a cabinetmaker and still have a shop full of tools. I will try your method of adding mass to the passives. Don't want to use subs so will probably not remove the passives. As for dampening horn throats: a) is this for mid and tweeter? b) is this why people make them out of wood? C) does the dampening go on the inside or the outside? I guess I need to know if I am making the horn thicker, or am I minimizing the amount of reflective surface?
      I understand why I would raise the speakers, however shouldn't the stands be solid instead of four posts, to minimize loss of bass?
      Thanks for spending your time with me, my name is Jay.
    13. moray james
      moray james
      do you have axes to wood shop or tools like a table saw nail gun? I would suggest you follw SET12's crossover adaption for the Ti mid diaphragm. I would strongly suggest you brace and stiffen the cabinets and add mass to the passives or you could try replacing the passives with a blank of plywood and stuff the box full of 700 series Dow Corning fiberglass. This will give you a cabinet with a slow roll off and one which will integrate well with subs, try the added mass first and see what you think. The other thing that you should do is lose the stock risers and build yourself some 14 - 16 inch high four post stands. then buy some SAE rated F-11 acoustical felt in !1/8 inch thickness and some dynamat and see if you can find some of the open cell foam used on water humidifiers on a forced air furnace which is very handy to damp the horn throats. By the way what is your name? Best regards Moray James.
    14. Luckytiger
      Really looking to make these the best they can be for around 1k. Guess that means I can do all the little stuf and perhaps some big stuff. Pretty handy with a soldering iron and can read a schematic. Willing to build from scratch or modify something existing. Not bothered by external crossovers if there is no room inside to do what is needed. Don't think I want to replace so many components that they are no longer Klipsch if that make sense.
    15. moray james
      moray james
      I would strongly recommend you switch to the ti mid from Klipsch as well the difference is stunning. Bob's phenolic mid diaphragms while better than stock do not touch the ti mid diaphragms. you can also add 2.5 ounces of dead weight to the passive radiators to get more and deeper bass. what exactly are you able to do and what are you willing to do as far as mods go/ what do you hope to achieve and what is your goal for these they can be world class for not a lot of invested money but they will require work for that so what can you do? there is a lot of little stuff that you can do which will add up. let me know. best regards Moray James.
    16. Luckytiger
      Moray James,
      Just picked up a pair of Forte I's. Want to upgrade, but probably not to the extent SET12 went to. You obvoiusly know your way around the Forte' and I wondered what your thoughts were. From what I have gathered from various posts: Crites for Titanium tweeter and phenolic mid diaphrams. Maybe ALK for extreme slope crossovers. Autoformers from crites as well or go for something better? Thanks.
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