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    1. jimimac
      Congrats on your choice. Awesome setup!!!
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      2. MORTIS
        Thank you sir.
        Nov 20, 2016
    2. Niles
      I luv your avatar of your girlfriend! Care to share her -- she too hot man!
    3. robbanks
      I read your post about the MC202 last week, and have been thinking about it ever since. I have the elusive and exclusive MC202 that you seek!
      I just switched an MC202 out of my system about 6 months ago for an MC602. My intention was exactly as yours, and I was thinking of a C712 to go with it. I was using my 202 with the C2200 tube pre.
      I thought the sound was out of this world-relaxing, engaging, and deep. I LOVE the MC202. I can tell you what I gained and lost with the MC602. I gained resolution, but I lost musicality, in my opinion. I also felt I lost a feeling of depth that the 202 had. Whatever the case may be, I love the 202, not the the least bit because the size is "normal." It is still an incredibly heavy amp, and Mc didn't cut corners building this amp, in my opinion.

      (continued in next message-I'm limited to 1000 characters per message)
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    Lossless > D100 / Yami YP 450 tt > MA7000 > KEF RDM3 / SVS SB2000 / too much music, not enough time.