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Runs with scissors, from Clinton, Taxachusetts

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    1. Mowgli
      Good to meet you Tom.
      Glad you're satisfied with the deal.
      Stay in touch.
    2. Tom B
      Tom B
      Just got around to checking out the 8 tracks. Around 72 are fully operational, which I feel is a really good % considering the age. Another 48 or so need foam pads, or a wheel, or felt pads for the spring metal.
      While I haven't done anything with the RCA player, I did look at it. It is made a lot better than I was expecting, using a good AC motor instead of the small DC type. It just will need some cleaning and maybe some caps, but should be fine.
      I listened t 2 of the Monterey pop CD's on the way home. Great music, so much so that I just bought a cassette version on ebay.
      Great meeting you at the FFest. I am now looking to put a few of my receivers up on Bartertown, as I need to make room, and didn't unload what I wanted to at the FFest.
      Stay in touch
    3. patb
      Hey John... Just dropping you a message to say hey..
    4. mikte15
      Mowgli, you didn't just acquire a Marantz 170DC from me did you?
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