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Jul 20, 2015
Jul 15, 2007
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Mr. Lin

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Jul 20, 2015
    1. Judas Priest
      Judas Priest
    2. nevinem
    3. yopparai
      thank you for watching over us
    4. audiomagnate
      I will take it!
    5. Mr. Lin
      Mr. Lin
      Some here might be surprised to learn that I've given up on the cassette thing completely, although with no small amount of reluctance, given the time and money I'd invested. It was fun - I've particularly enjoyed collecting great NOS blank tapes - but for me at the end of the day it became too much of a hassle, thus distracting me from other areas of the hi-fi hobby that make more sense now. For example, it's tough to justify recording vinyl to cassette when a properly done digital recording from lp can produce an equally good copy, without the added noise, and vinyl is one medium that does NOT need more noise introduced to it. I still have my Nak decks (both in need of repair, one of the big reasons why I've had it with this stuff), but I've sold almost my entire sealed blank tape collection in the last year or so.
    6. Altec Best
      Altec Best
      I have lots of New Cassettes.. Also in West Central NJ. Mercer county
    7. Mr. Lin
      Mr. Lin
      Hi Chris,
      No, unfortunately I just look for them sometimes in the summer. In fact, it's now illegal to keep turtles as pets in NJ because some kid got sick from one, or something. I'd think that if it's already in that environment it should be used to it, but there must be a local agency you can contact to find out for sure.
    8. tubed
      Hi Mr Lin,
      Awhile back I noticed a reference to turtle in your avator.
      About 10 years ago, a year before an iguana was found in my car:),
      I found a sunburned green box turtle in my Los Angeles gutter and have felt bad keeping it in this hot dry environment. Do yo know any reputable turtle resue agencies?
      Thanks, Chris
    9. poppachubby
    10. poppachubby
      Dave I have 3 of these, still wrapped. They are normal bias 90min/135M. IEC TypeI * EQ 120us. I was cleaning up and found them, I will only charge you $10 just kidding, free if you want. PM me your addy...

    11. guiller
      Thanks for accepting my invitation!
    12. Old_Tech
      Just dropped in to say hello. Listening to the CD4 again tonight wondering what she's got!
    13. Mr. Lin
      Mr. Lin
      I've sent you a pm about this, not sure if you got it.
    14. grinnell
      I came across and old post concerning rolling the tubes in the power supply of your WPP200c. I just got one and love the sound for some recordings (mostly classical) and not so much for rock and vocals. It is a bit muddy in the lower end not as crisp as i may want or as compared to my Seduction.

      Anyways i wondered what effects you found with what tubes in the power supply?

      i have the stock tubes in the PS and Sylvania 12ax7wa and RCA cleartops 12au7 in the stage.

    15. Mr. Lin
      Mr. Lin
      You bet! Just got a couple Maxell XLI-S's, and three four-packs of 80's TDK AR's! Still haven't had the time or money to send my Nak DR-1 in to get fixed, it's just collecting dust...
    16. zenith2134
      Hey Mr. Lin, how've you been? Find any nice NOS cassettes lately?
    17. klama2006
    18. Mr. Lin
      Mr. Lin
      Whoa, I didn't even see this until today.
    19. Bigerik
      Not a damn thing. Except admission into a group making up some of the select few people on AK I actually like! :)
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