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Hi Dave, I haven't worked on my S30's for some time. They are in the shed for now but I hope to get back to them one day. John Apr 28, 2017

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    1. zen123
      Hi, Dave. I am looking for the service manual for a Bogen RP-40. You had mentioned in a post that you had a copy of it. Could you email it to me? Thanks.
    2. nerdorama
      Hi Dave, I haven't worked on my S30's for some time. They are in the shed for now but I hope to get back to them one day. John
    3. Spalls
      Hi John: Thank you SO much for posting the schematic of your Speakerlab S30 crossover so many years ago. I am diagnosing a bug or two in one of mine and it has been a big, big help.

    4. rsumperl
      Good afternoon from Cascade, Idaho!
      Would you have a schematic for your ST-70 with 6CL6s that you would be willing to share? At some point I had a schematic for a driver with 6CL6s but misplaced the schematic.

    5. Tom Zuraw
      Tom Zuraw
      I hope you can help me out. I have been all over the web searching for the Dynaco FM-3 articles you mention:
      Audio Amateur 4/86, FM-3 Rework by Ben Poehland, Glass Audio 1/91, Improving Dyna's FM-3 by James Lin, Glass Audio ?/? FM-3 Mods Letter to editor by Vincent Mogavero, Audio Amateur 2/88, More on FM-3, letter by David Berning
      Do you have scans you can email me? Thank you,
      tomzuraw at yahoo
    6. nerdorama
      That sounds fun. If anyone from my end town will be going, maybe a carpool. Please keep me informed.
    7. TerryO
      Hi John,
      It may be that few of us will get together at Dave R's house on Saturday to listen to his system which now includes two new "tapped horn subwoofers" using Kevin Haskin's "Anarchy" 6.5 inch woofers.

      Best Regards,
    8. TerryO
    9. Sasha18
      You can email me directly to
    10. Sasha18
      Thanks for the message John. It's funny how conversations go on the forum. The amount of opinion and knowledge around here often runs away from the original question. Pretty great, actually.

      I would be very interested. As long as the motor works well, I would be willing to put up with some cosmetic issues and a little reubuilding. The belt should be easy to procur. Would it be relatively easy to send me a picture?

      Thanks again,
    11. dextervon
      hi Nerdorama!! i am so excited, my fishing for more info on such a beautiful item from the glorious audio past(bell 2199b) seems to have worked at last. Here is my email .i cant wait to see if finally i can make it sound better than great. it is a great pride to see that those 130 dollars it was worth new in the 50's is equivalent to between 1000 to 1300 of today's dollars. I bought it so cheap and working, both of them plus a non working garrard record player all in its wooden case and two large speakers for 100 bucks!! i am a lucky guy , considering that option in the net that you must surely have seen in your quest to complete a pair. 250 bucks, and i don`t think it has even being recapped! if you ever come to colombia consider yourself an honor guest, i sould take pleasure in showing you all my other amps. Good luck in your surgery , boy its tight in there. But as your ex libris states, sweetness out of hardness. Andres
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