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aka: MacGyver, from Cape Coral, Florida

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Feb 17, 2019 at 5:02 PM
    1. healeylvr
      Hi MacGyver
      I was searching posts about restoring AR speakers I have 4 pairs so far and read your thread about AR-4x very helpful
      but what interested me as much was your profile picture it appears to be a Austin Healey a 100-6 if I'm not mistaken
      I have a 57 purchased in 1970 and is a restoration project at this time after many years of using it daily. Do you still have the one in the picture?
    2. HumanGiant
      A while ago you posted about polarity of Klipsch titanium midrange drivers. I just ordered a set for my Choruses and I'm having the lack of polarity marking issue. Would it be at all possible for you to help me out by cracking one open and checking the polarity of the midrange drivers (assuming you still own the speakers)?

      If you are unable to do so I completely understand.


    3. dmag
      Hi MacGyver,
      Im considering making some wide c cabinets for Scott 299 etc.
      mfhale sent me a pm you may have interest.
      if so let me know.Ive put a thread on bartertown.
    4. Winjhox
      You posted the following in 2011. I'm curious if you still have the PDF's you referenced below? If so, would it be too much trouble to ask you to forward those to my email address winjhox@gmail.com? If so, it would be very much appreciated. I've been wanting to locate a decent pair of these for years, and I finally think I have them located, but I'm anticipating they may need some updating. Your earlier message:

      I didn't find any documentation on the TW1's in my travels around the Internet so I thought I'd post the instruction manual here (It's pretty low res, but hopefully readable). I've also offered a copy to the DCM web site for inclusion on their manuals page.

      I have higher res PDFs of the Manual, a Promo Comparison to other speakers, and review reprints from Sensible Sound and Audio Critic. All are dated 77/78. I have sent them all to the AK database but I don't know if there room for them. You can PM me if you want copies.

      Cheers, Rich
    5. crackerbuzz
      Hey buddy, do you still have the Crown DC300A?
    6. EMark
      Hi NJ,
      About a week ago, I uploaded some Sansui literature I found in my basement. This was lit. that came with the Sansui system I bought 40 years ago and some other stuff. Did you get it? Let me know. I have some more that I can upload. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to do it as a PDF, so I sent the files as JPEGs. I didn't see the files in the Sansui database.
    7. pfcs49
      I'm in Long Valley. Got paralyzed on my 66 Ducat Mk I 15 years ago. Shortly after that, I sold my Bugeye, 67 modded Mk IV Sprite, Lotus S7 and Tr-8 rdstr. (check out where they ended up: www.lanemotormuseum.com I have other sicknesses! I have a foreign car service in Kenvil (www.philscars.com). Do you know Kurt Hoffman-he lived in Hampton and was in to big Healys.
    8. pfcs49
      Welcome and where in NJ are ya? Is that your Healy?
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