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    1. funfunfun
      Craig, I have a Paragon 12 preamp hardwired bought - Audiomart - C. Kittleson On the under chassis is a single wire with a tiny .015 @ 50v spoke to Mr. Deneen years ago but he did not recall where to terminate, or not at all almost like the old FM-3 tuner wire gimmick makes no sense in this instance, and he threw out all schematics ( Hmm) must be 15 yrs ago. Now what of that wire.....M. Doyle
    2. moediggz
      Hey Craig I just got a Scott Lk150 and I am Missing a knob. Do you happen to have an extra that would work and look good? I saw an old post where you mentioned you might. Thanks!

    3. Luckytiger
      Craig, Looking for a Scott to go with my Forte I's with the ALK crossovers. This is my first venture into tubes. Reccomendations? Should I find one and send it to you, or do you have some that have already been modded? Thanks - Jay
    4. k**rkleclaire
      Hi Craig, Sorry to bother you but I've been following AK's member Shackys thread on the Eico HF-81 you did for him, I have a couple of questions he couldn't answer and he suggested I contact you if you would be so kind to respond...I know you do this for a living so please don't feel pressed to answer, I'm planning on rebuilding an HF-81 and was curious about the output caps you used on his rebuild, they are covered in shrink so I can't make them out.. I'm assuming Russian K-40's but What size?..I was also curious about the Cathode bypass caps, what brand? and last the large Solen in the center? its not on the schematic, I'm curious about what you did here. It seems Shacky went through a lot with his multiple rebuilds... I want to do mine right the first time, Thanks for your time...
    5. JKNVA
      Hello Craig,
      I was hoping you could help me. I am trying to update my Fisher 400 Ser# 58153 for safe operation and my searching on AK has given me enough confliciting specific information that I am confused. This is my first Tube amp. I have a bunch of experience fixing and restoring SS amps. At any rate based on the posts I have seen you seem to have a good grasp of what is really going on so I was wondering If I could trouble you to help me determine exactly which changes to make and which parts are appropriate. I am not trying to do anything except make it both safe to operate and preserve the life left in the original Fisher tubes.
      John Narney
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    May 7, 1960 (Age: 58)
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