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    1. guzziman-nc
      Hey there Old Tech! I just ran across a post of yours from a long while ago where you said you had an Elac 40C service manual. I have just gotten my father's old Realistic/Miracord/Elac 40C turntable and it has a couple of issues that I would like to sort out. Never worked on an idler wheel table before. Was wondering if you'd be willing to share that manual with me? Would be greatly appreciated!
    2. Autobot
    3. Autobot
      Here is the last dyno numbers my 2010 Camaro put down last Saturday.
      I still want a 100 more HP though
      the last reading is the best of 3 pulls
    4. Autobot
    5. Autobot
      with their 100% satisfaction guarantee if you think its too bright then all you would be out is shipping.
      Which should be under 100.00 for the round trip
      thats not bad for an audition in your own home with your stuff.
      One mans bright ness does not mean you will find it bright.
      Just saying web research will get you only so far till you hear it for yourself.
      I myself prefer a brighter sounding system I find it to sound more natural that way and not buried under the warm & fuzzy
    6. Autobot
      Its been almost 3 months since you started asking about the Emotiva
      So what did you decide about the Emotiva XPA-2?

    7. Tripqzon
      Yes, I really love the C-1. I can't imagine parting with it even it is does not end up in my main system. I know it will be rotated into main system regularly.

      My brother has the C-1/M1.5t/TX-11a combo. Really sweet. He recently had a TFM-55 serviced at Rita's as well. The TFM is signed by Bob Carver. Pretty friggin cool.
    8. Tripqzon
      I really like this mod because I can still go active just by moving the interconnects to MAIN OUT 1.

      Of course, I have no tone controls when using MAIN OUT 2 but I rarely use them anyway.
    9. Tripqzon

      I've actually been listening to a modified Carver C-1 for the past week or so. I've modded it in such a way that it bypasses the gain stage IC7 just after the volume control, removed R360 and R260 and feed directly to MAIN OUT 2 jacks. I'm actually very happy with the results. Plus I don't have to turn it on unless I want to listen to vinyl.

      This is a second C-1 I purchased a couple of years ago, so my original C-1 is still untouched except for a recap. It actually sounds very detailed and balanced. Now I've got the itch to experiment with passive pre's. Go figure.
    10. Flammaster
    11. Autobot
      Once you get an amp let me Know.
      Hard to proceed till that next step is out of the way.
      The preamp and cabling will be what we will work on next but you really need to tust me on the cabling.
      If you have any doubt about what I will be recommending then PM this guy http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/member.php?u=4751 he took my advice and is extremely pleased and glad he listened to me.
      I will only be recommending cables that will make a difference and will not hit the wallet hard.
      but we still have a few hurdles to jump before we get into cable upgrades
    12. Autobot
    13. Autobot
      Click pic for full view
      [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    14. Autobot
      Emotiva really is a good product and the post about some thats some people had a problem or two heck that's life no reason not to get their stuff more positive than negative.
      Sure I could point you toward mega dollar stuff but I believe that there is a way to have an audiophile quality and a great sounding system for a whole lot less money.
      I have a lot of money tied up in mine but I also have a very powerful system But thats what I want.
      When someone comes to be on a budget looking for quality I can do that.
      If or they come to me money no object I can do that too.
      Heck my crown sells for about 7000.00 but I can afford it and it does what I require in a stereo amplifier.
    15. Autobot


      USP-1 preamp review


      I have never heard anything bad and have had no problems with mine
      Sure I guess someone somewhere had a problem heck I had a problem with my new Marantz had to send it back and that sucker was High $$ no piece of equipment in immune to a problem as long as the MFg stands behind their equipment thats what counts Imo
      30 satisfaction guarantee
      That's all I have to say about that.
    16. Autobot
      My digital camera was also taken when I was burglarized so don't yet have one to take any pictures of my new equipment I took down my old albums since that's all gone now.
      but here are links to each piece.

      Surround Processor Marantz AV8003

      surround Amp Emotiva XPA-5

      Crown Amp Macro-Tech MA 21000i

      Blu-Ray OPPO BD-83

      Yamaha C-70 Stereo Preamp
      link to brochure
    17. Autobot
      I had already logged off just now back on.
      I have the XPA-5 but use it for my Center and surround channels (side left/right and Rear left/right) very impressive for that and the build quality it also impressive.
      A while back someone broke into my home and stole most of the stereo equipment except for the speakers and turntable (thank god for that) so I replaced everything with new equipment. The surround processor is the Marantz AV8003 Pre-Pro.
      I was lucky enough to find another Yamaha C-70 as the stereo preamp.
      two channel amp via switch box is the Crown Macro-Tech MA 2000i.
      I would recommend getting the C-70 but they are extremely rare and nearly impossible to find a good one if you find one at all.
      So the Emotiva USP-1 Pre is a good buy and should please you with the sound and function. not to mention you get audiophile quality at a real bargain to boot.
    18. Autobot
      Forgot to answer they ship it UPS
      You will need someone to help you I did I could hardly pick it up.
      With the emotiva pre amp and amp you are still with in your budget and your going to have a system that will look and sound like it cost thousands and thousands of dollars.
      If you tell anyone what you actually paid they probably wont believe you because they are going to be jealous.
    19. Autobot
    20. Autobot
      And no need to worry if the Emotiva XPA-2 will overpower the Martin Logan Preface towers they will be fine general rule speakers can take 4 x the recommended power rating.
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