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Aug 15, 2005
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Apr 23, 2018 at 7:13 PM
    1. Karu Kutt
      Karu Kutt
      Hey Carl,
      Just saying hello, "Hello". How is your corner of the world doing?
    2. Karu Kutt
      Karu Kutt
      Hey Onepixel, you were right about the that intro, but did you notice the boobs on my avatar. I mean come on- are those firm looking or what?
    3. onepixel
      Cool... sounds pretty interesting.
    4. Karu Kutt
      Karu Kutt
      Well, Karu Kutt comes from an AD&D character I had made about 20 plus years ago. I'm a total geek and nerd and have never forgotten that character. The one thing about Karu Kutt was his alter ego who went by Bolo Plantztrees, long story.
    5. onepixel
      Hey highcut 28, that is pretty cool!!
    6. highcut28
      Hi Onepixel
      Noticed yr avatar. I was in same year as her, Anya Major, in the United World College in Singapore 1972 to 1979!
    7. onepixel
      I have a couple more that's been works in progress for the last couple of years. I guess I will have to finish those up. I'll send you the track info and post the cover art so you can print it out. Glad you like them!
    8. x_25
      I have been listening to that CD you sent me with my headphones (The Best of Onepixel). Do you have anymore? Do the tracks have names so I can put them on my iPod proper? I have been enjoying the CD, along with the Apacoliptica one.
    9. onepixel
      Hey Rick,

      lol... I'm getting old, so I don't remember about your shed system!

      The vistors/friends area I don't utilize that much. It's just to much darn work! But it's great hearing from my friends.

      So you liked Maui, huh? Maui No Ka Oi... means Maui is the best! Air fare is really cheap this time of year. I've been thinking about going for a week or two. But instead, will hold of until either September or December for the Maui or Honolulu Marathon. I have to have more of a reason than warm sparkling beaches and great food to go!

    10. Tapehead47
      Man, I didn't know about this little facet of AK. Just noticed it today!
      Modern technology has bypassed my brain. I've been doing fine lately and am really glad to be back on AK. Best site in the world. I remember your advice setting up my system in my new (3 yrs ago) shed. And the arguements you and 'that guy' had (can't remember his name). Certainly gave me a lot of entertainment watching you two go back and forth! I was new to forums (AK was my first) then and didn't know how to do anything.

      How are things going with you? Been to Hawaii lately? Man, Maui was the most outrageous vacation in the 36 years we've been married!! I'd move there in a NY second but don't want to leave my friends and family. If it didn't take so long to get there....

      Well, Carl, keep in touch. Thanks for the message, man.

    11. onepixel
      Cool... I'll have to keep an ear open for it. Thanks!
    12. olson_jr
      Just listened to The Black Swan by Bert Jansch and Beth Orton sings on a couple of cuts.
    13. onepixel
      Thanks... it's, I think the 2nd avatar that I used when I first came to AK. Always love yours!
    14. Jailtime
      I like the avatar, Carl!
    15. x_25
      Just found the CD you sent me again. Man, this thing is so much fun to listen to. The Best of Onepixel.
    16. onepixel
      Happy 2010 to you and all my buddies at AK! oooh... a Kennie Super 600!!
    17. zenith2134
      Hey Carl, all is well here. Happy 2010. Getting a Kenwood Supreme 600 soon, cannot WAIT!!
    18. Gohan
      Happy New Year!
    19. onepixel
      Thanks guys and a Happy Holidays to you all!

    20. epifanatic
      Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

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