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    1. Dannys
      I bought a Zenith B906 console and want to know what turntable it has ??? Can you help me identify it.. have a Pic dannysdynamitedeals@gmail.com email me for Pics
    2. Carbon13
      Hi There, you mentioned that you were interested in buying the vm1555, what would you be willing to offer? I can send you some pics when I get home later but it's in great shape cosmetically. I have not tried it out but I would bet it is functional. Probably needs a new cart and a bit of TLC.
    3. s.ricci
      Good evening,
      I recently purchased a Zenith Console X962 at an estate sale. The radio
      works and the changer needs some help to get going but after that will work
      all night long. I have been in touch with Gary at Voice of Music and have
      parts and a service manual on order for the changer. Can you point me in
      the right direction for an Owners Manual and Service Manual for this unit?
      Also, I am pretty mechanically inclined, but is the changer difficult to
      work on/repair?
      I have seen many of your posts on alternate radio websites and respect your
      feedback and knowledge. Any help you can provide will be sincerely

      Steve Ricci
      Bartlett, IL
    4. dcmeigs
      Happy Birthday.

      I noticed from one of your posts that you were familiar with the Zenith cobramatic changers circa 1950. I have one that is really pristine and I'm trying to get it working. I've some questions about the cartridge which shows only about 4 ohms and the strange phono circuit on the 10H20 amp. Would you be willing to correspond with me on the subject? My email is dcmeigs1@yahoo.com


      Dave Meigs
    5. SonofWarwick
      I am interested in REFURBISHMENT OF MY SILVERTONE RECORD CHANGER: Built circa 1968. Model 528.66260.
      Here the symptoms...they are ALL mechanical.
      -Idler Arm (rubber) is hard and slips on capstan motor AND inside of platter.
      -Idler Arm Spring is broken and sprung...not producing enough tension and flexibility to move up and down on the capstan motor.
      -Reject feature locks up and platter needs to be spun by hand to cycle through.

      I have the parts/schematic manual for this 528.66260 record changer as my father was employed at Warwick electronics for over 15 years from 1956 till 1971. If you know anyone that worked at Warwick during that time they probably would remember by father Joe Turzy. Is that something you would feel confident taking on based on your knowledge of repairing antique record changers? If so, what is the best number for me to call you to discuss this further?
      Ron Turzy
      Lake Villa, IL
    6. Speechless
      Hello Orthophonic,
      I've been jumping around from audio site to audio site trying to find the answer to my question, and I've had no success but I have noticed the same screen name on antiquradios.com. Each time I've read advise from this screen name it's always seemed to hold substance. I'm hoping you can help me with my problem.

      I have a Sears Silverstone Stereo Console made in 1968. It's model no. is 52831305005. The problem is that I am missing the stylus that it needs and I have no hints as to what kind I should purchase. I have called Sears (parts department) and they are doing a study but the problem is that the the console is so far back in their records that they may or may not be successful. I was hoping that you could help me find the correct stylus.

      If you email me at chelsea.katrina@yahoo.com I will be more apt to respond quickly.
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