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Sep 22, 2009
Jul 18, 2005
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Sep 22, 2009
    1. onepixel
      Happy Birthday Toddster!
    2. shacky

      Was it you that remarked a long time ago about cassettes always sounding better from vinyl? Was thinking about that reading brochure from my new to me Tandberg 31 Mk II. It talks about how Tandberg designed their input amp to be adaptable. See this post:


      Happy New Year to you!

    3. thefragger
      Merry New Year!

      See you in 2009!
    4. ozmoid
      Thanks guys, same to ya!
    5. asoundhound
      i hope '09 is a wonderful year for you todd!
    6. Gohan
      Happy New Year!!
    7. theophile
      Sorry I've taken a few days.AK doesn't notify one,if a 'Visitor Message' has been left.

      I'm using the standard 's' shaped YSA-39 on the 2000.I also bought the spare Straight arm the YSA-1.The GT 2000 is easily the best turntable I've ever heard.The amount of information resolved is extraordinary.
      I'm loving this thing.
      In one move,the whole level of my system's performance has just gone intergalactic.The best hi-fi purchase I've ever made.
      What makes it ten times more enjoyable is that the turntable has nothing to adjust or keep in tune.One just has to install the cartridge and put a record on the platter.
      That's it.
      Heaven. :-)
    8. ozmoid
      Hey Steve! Thanks for checking in - I'm jealous as hell of that GT, enjoy it my friend. Which arm came on it? (I could always dress my YP-D8 up with a bunch of marble, and fill the platter with lead.) <grin>
    9. theophile
      Hey ozmoid.
      This is a really great idea.A great way to enhance the 'community' feel of AK.
      I'll state here,now that I'm using the GT-2000 and it's a knockout.An aural education.
      Now I guess I gotta start looking for a 2000x(sorta kidding,sorta not) :-)
      Drop me a PM any time you feel like it.Until then stay well friend.
      Steve Howard.
    10. Gohan
      How are you doing?
    11. cableguy
      Hey Buddy....
    12. Mopic5
      Hi Todd,
      Thanks for the friendly invite. Took me awhile to navigate through the "acceptance". In the meantime I seem to have lost your original text in the invite that referred to a subsciption group? Whatzat?
      - Mario (Mopic5)
    13. shrinkboy
      dang!! 96 friends? i suck-- i don't social on this site as much as some o' you guys. anyway, just found your message about the avatar. has little to do with escape and a lot to do with it being my name, just an interesting coincidence, and i liked the art and the fact the film is almost 100 yrs old. there is another early john wayne movie called, i think, 'irish jimmy dolan', about an irish boxer so named from chicago-- it has eerie overtones of my own family history. check out this link http://lotuseaters.net/#jfk
    14. clydeselsor
      Happy to be part of yours as well!!
    15. MichaelJ
      it's good to laugh!
    16. MichaelJ
      Hi Todd, I too just noticed this friend thing... YOU are my first friend! You therefore are my BEST friend! BFF!
    17. hakaplan
      Hey, Todd. Just discovered this friend thing. Thanks much for the invite--it's an honor. I consider you more than a friend. I consider you to be the pet frog I never had. :D
    18. Redikilowatt
      Hi ozmoid,
      I've been chasing info on the site for my CR-820. Couldn't help but notice your collection.
      Have any input on my post?
      Ya know Tar Heels aren't engineers!

    19. Mark W.
      Mark W.
      I checked the bylaws of the "He Man Woman Haters club" and I saw nothing to interfear with my having you as a friend so I approved you. Now don't make me sorry!
    20. hifi_nut
      Ah, so that´s where I remember you from, Todd. LOL.
      Seriously we go back a long way here at AK, don´t we? Of course, as you are aware of, I was absent for almost two years. Should have known better.

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