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AK Subscriber, from South Jersey

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    1. yellowruby
      Hello, I'm starting to gear up to restore my Marantz 2230 and want to follow your epic restoration thread. You mentioned that you could post a parts list in reply to another user's query on your selection of hyper-fast soft recovery diodes; is there such a one-stop shopping list posted somewhere? I'm kinda new to AK, so don't know if it's squirreled away somewhere online. Thanks, Patrick
    2. Synchro-bias
      Hi Pat,
      What would your choice be with a Marantz CD5000/Philips CD 753 power supply. I can get KG III and II, or FG? Maybe with CD players the FG? any thoughts and of course SilmicII for the rest :) Thanks Sam
    3. DynacoKid79
      Hi Pat,

      I was reading your Marantz 3200 recap thread and I wondered if you had kept an upgrade list of the caps/components you replaced on that build? I'm currently tracing a low-audio left channel issue on my 3200, but considering this unit's age, i'm thinking a recap may be in order regardless.

      I must admit that i'm still new to hi-fi repair, so any advice you can give would be great.

    4. eedork
      Hi Pat -

      I've got an Advent 300 question for you. My example has excessive preamp gain. I've had to fashion and install a set of 12 dB attenuators to tame it. Without the attenuators the noise floor is audible, and it overdrives some of the other preamps I've got when used strictly as a tuner/preamp. Have you seen this before?

      This is the 300 that you sent an emergency parts drop for last year.

    5. EJH3
      Hello Pat,
      Thank you for accepting my one owner (me) ADVENT 300 (shipped from Guam). I am looking forward to getting it set up for the next 35+ years of great musical enjoyment.
    6. ChicagoTom
      Hello Pat,

      You recapped my h/k 330c last year, it still sounds wonderful. Pat, I'm about to get a Kenwood C2 Basic preamp in my hot little hands. What would you charge to recap it?

      Best regards,
      Tom Test
    7. reardonp6
    8. George16
      Pat, thank you so much for the very detailed information you had for the 2270 and 2230. I was able to do the 2270 without any problems. I'm currently working on the 2230 right now. Again, thank you very much.
    9. atwoodt
      i was told you've recapped hk 330c? I have one that could use it. Already had my 430 done but he isn't doing recaps anymore...
    10. Synchro-bias
      Hi Pat :)
      Just noticed the green MUSE ES caps are bi-polar. means i have to replace with bi-polar?
    11. markbabylove
      what is agood price to pay for ebay 2230
    12. Mathril
      Hello Pat. Could you publish or send me a PM with the parts list on your post of the Marantz 1040? I recently got mine and would love to upgrade it if I can. I have very little experience on this so your list would be very helpul. Thank you very much! Cheers from Buenos Aires
    13. patfont
      My location is a reference to a "Donald Fagen" song, I am in NJ so I should probably change my location, sorry. Thank you for the invitation though!
    14. macyjrm
      Are you anywhere near Belzoni, MS. If so we're neighbors. I live near Greenwood. Please reply if you would like to visit sometime. Thanks, Richard Macy
    15. varox84
      Hi Pat, could you publish a parts list on your post of the Marantz 1040? I intend to restore one and since I am a newbie the list would really help me out. Thanks a lot and congrats on your project!
    16. PB_Audio
      Say Pat, aside from the Conrad-Johnson PV-5, do you have any experience with the PV-7, 10 or 11? I'm looking at either a PV-7 or newer PV-11.
      Any thought? I don't really care about a phono section. Haven't spun vinyl in over 20 years.

      P.S. Nice work on the Marantz 2245. I still wish you had done a 2270, though... my personal favorite mid-70s receiver. I do like the Model 18/19, but mostly fot the great tuner sections (models 20 & 20B). To e, the 2245/2270 are still the best over value in vintage stereo... although, the 2250 sure is a sleeper, and can be had for less than the cost of a clean 2230... go figure.
    17. patfont
      More equipment I have owned is coming to mind, here are some additions. I think there will probably be more:

      Dahlquist Subwoofer with DQ-LP1 X-over
      Carver M-400 amp "the cube"
      Denon DP52F Turntable w/ Denon DL-103
      Yamaha C-2X Preamp
      Fairfax FSS Speakers
      AR 2ax speakers
    18. patfont
      The equipment list is gear that I have owned at one time or presently own.
    19. patfont
      Equipment list below is not to impress anyone, just to give some insight into posts or reviews that I write.
    20. patfont

      Audio Research D76A (Owned by Jon Dahlquist and recapped for him by Audio Research)

      Marantz 8B

      Krell KSA-50

      Spectral DMA-50

      Threshold S150

      Dynaco ST-70 (Audio by Van Alstine)


      Audio Research SP6B

      Conrad Johnson PV-5

      Marantz 7C

      Dynaco PAS (Audio by Van Alstine)

      Receivers/Int. Amps

      Pioneer SX-727

      Marantz 2220B

      Marantz 1070 (IRM full mods)


      Sota Sapphire/Souther Arm

      Nakamichi Dragon CT

      Thorens many models

      AR XA/ Rega RB300

      Dual 1229

      Pioneer PL-10


      Monster Cable Alpha One

      Grado Signature 8

      Klipsch Moving Coil (Ruby Cant. Version) Yes they made cartridges!

      Audio Tech. 125LC

      Shure V15 III

      Ortofon 2M Red

      Sumiko Blue Point 2


      Yamaha T-2

      Marantz 10B


      Dahlquist DQ10

      Euphonic Audio Nymphs: Favorable review in The Absolute Sound (I had the review pair)

      Mission 770

      Dynaco A25

      Large Advent

      JBL L100

      B&W 785
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